Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i: Upgrading to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread firmware version 4.0.2.A.0.62

by 2 years ago

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i users who are still waiting for the official Ice Cream Sandwich update might have to wait a little bit longer. The ICS update that Sony promised has yet to surface, so Xperia Arc users will have to make do with the latest Android 2.3.4 firmware. Also officially known as the firmware 4.0.2.A.0.62, the upgrade features performance boosts for the system and some added fixes and customizations. If you’re running a rooted Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i, then installing the official firmware will automatically revoke your root privileges. This also means that you will need to…

Enjoy Android 4.0.4 on your Desire HD with Ice Cold Sandwich (Quick review and tips!)

by 2 years ago

I’m always trying out new ROMs and tweaks on my Desire HD. The time has come now, where I am getting a little sick of being stuck on CyanogenMod’s Gingerbread build. I’ve been googling around, searching for some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness for my phone, and after going backwards and forwards between sites, I’ve found one I enjoy. Ice Cold Sandwich Quick Review Ice Cold Sandwich is a blend of features from AOKP and Cyanogenmod, coming together to give you Android 4.0.4. This means you get the high level of visual customizability that AOKP offers with ROM Control, but, at…

5,000 new malicious Android apps found in first 3 months of 2012

5000 new malicious apps
by 2 years ago

At the end of last year, security pundits predicted that 2012 would see a continued raise in the number of malicious Android apps and it looks like those predictions are coming true. According to Trend Micro, over 5,000 new malicious Android apps were found in first three months of 2012. This really isn’t as shocking as it sounds, as Android usage is increasing, with more people using their phones or tablets to surf the web. As such, cyber criminals are increasing their efforts to target this huge Android user base. “One big reason for the popularity of apps is their ease…

Getting HTC One X mods and tweaks through LC MOD Pack

by 2 years ago

Aside from installing custom ROMs to tweak your phone’s performance, mods can be used to install a certain feature on your mobile phone. Mod packs let you enjoy added features that were not pre-installed on your phone. For the HTC One X, you can enjoy these added features by flashing the LC MOD Pack developed by Senior XDA member leventccc. This mod pack lets you enjoy added features such as the Sony BRAVIA Engine and custom boot animation on your phone. What’s more is that the LC MOD Pack supports deodexed stock ROMs and all custom ROMs for your HTC…

Beware of fake Instagram app that contains malware

by 2 years ago

Instagram has been in the news a lot recently. It launched on Android only a few weeks ago and enjoyed over 1 million downloads on its first day on Google Play. Then Facebook decided to buy the 13 person company for $1 billion! Naturally, the Facebook purchase rocketed the app to even greater popularity with the  acquisition being covered by the mainstream media. When a cyber criminal sees something popular, especially on a mobile device, it becomes a very tempting target and Instagram has been no different. A Russian group has created a fake Instagram web site which offers downloads of the…

Google Glasses are just the beginning – the future battle for platform supremacy is upon us

by 2 years ago

With consumers lapping up the latest technology faster than ever before, research firm Forrester has released a new report on wearable devices and how they are set to become the next big thing. The firm noted, however, that wearable devices would only go mainstream once Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook – the big five platforms – and their developer communities — make more serious investment in the application of what the technology can do. Here’s what Forrester had to say about the big five and how wearable devices will only intensify the platform wars. Apple Forrester commended Apple for…

HTC One X: How to revert to stock recovery

by 2 years ago

If you’re an Android developer or someone who just likes to play with custom ROMs, then you should know the importance of Recovery Mode on your Android phone. Recovery Mode is used to clear the data off your phone, backup an existing ROM, and flash new ROMs. For HTC One X owners, you can now enjoy these features by installing the official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on your mobile phone. The touch-based CWM Recovery for the HTC One X allows users to navigate its menus with the tips of their fingers. However, there will be special circumstances when you’ll need the…

HTC One X: Installing official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery

by 2 years ago

The HTC One X with its powerful quad-core processor and 4.7 inch touchscreen is definitely one of the fastest devices in town. It’s good to know that the HTC One X is also showing signs of developer support from the community as the official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery has been rolled out to the device. Imagine being able to navigate Recovery Mode with your fingertips and giving those physical keys some much needed rest. The ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for the HTC One X is currently under heavy development, with some issues that still need resolving. Rest assured that these problems will…

Best mid-range Android smartphones of 2012

by 2 years ago

Although devices such as the Droid RAZR MAXX, the Galaxy Nexus and the HTC One X are obviously the cream of the Android crop, many Android fans don’t want to spend top dollar on a high-end smartphone that will become obsolete in little more than a year. Since cheap Android smartphones should be actively avoided (for reasons I’ve detailed in this previous article here), the only remaining alternative is to buy an excellent mid-range Android smartphone. Given the wide variety of Android smartphones that fall under the mid-range category, many potential buyers might stray away from the smart choices out…

Google removes 29 data stealing apps from Google Play

Android Malware Banned
by 2 years ago

In its ongoing battle with malicious app writers, Google has removed 29 apps from Google Play that harvested email addresses and phone numbers and uploaded them to remote command servers. Symantec has so far identified 29 apps that targeted the Japanese market. All of the 29 apps share common code and it is believed that one group is behind all of the apps. The first app in the series appeared in Google Play in early February and was followed by a series of seemingly random apps, from a contact management app to a diet assistant app. However, the apps proved unpopular and did…