PlayUp App Review: “Where Sports Get Social”

by 2 years ago

Are you a sports fan? Are you a sports fan that is addicted to social media? If so, then PlayUp is quite possibly the best app for you. With access to 9 different sports and well over 28,000 live games you and your friends will never miss a game again. Basketball, football (soccer), hockey, cricket, baseball, AFL, Rugby League, football (American), and Rugby Union are all on PlayUp’s list of live sports at your disposal. So without further ado, let’s jump into PlayUp. Design and Usability At first glance, the app looks very nice and tidy. All the text is easy…

UK company involved in fake apps scam fined $78,000, told to refund money

Angry Birds Space
by 2 years ago

Unsuspecting victims of fake versions of Angry Birds, Assassin’s Creed and Cut the Rope, posted on third party Android app stores, will be getting their money back, after the UK phone regulator PhonepayPlus took action against the premium rate number provider, A1 Agregator Limited. The fake apps contained malware which charged vicitm’s £15 ($23) every time one of the apps was opened. The malware did this by sending three ÂŁ5 premium rate texts. Once they were sent, the malware hid the sent and received messages that would normally notify the user that the text incurred a charge. The first time victims would know…

Android Malware Genome Project shows that 86% of all malware delivered via repackaging of legitimate apps

by 2 years ago

The Department of Computer Science at the North Carolina State University has started the Android Malware Genome Project in an attempt to dissect Android based malware and see what makes it tick. The researchers are working with a collection of some 1,200 examples of Android malware, including the very first Trojans found in August 2010. The team has started to systematically analyze the malware and create a database of the varying characteristics, including how the malware gets installed, how it is activated, and the nature of the malicious payloads. Not surprisingly, one “discovery” made by the team is that malware…

HTC One X: Mod for disabling the in-app 3-dot Menu Bar or remap it to Recent Apps

by 2 years ago

The Ice Cream Sandwich update, known for its speed, performance, and stability, has satisfied many Android users. One of the most notable features of Ice Cream Sandwich was the virtual on-screen buttons that replaced the physical buttons. But, not all users were happy with the idea of the virtual on-screen buttons that consisted of the Back, Home, and Recent Apps button. Just recently, the Menu button that was primarily used in bringing up the options in apps was removed and instead it only appears whenever an app is needed. This made many users furious, as the 3-Dot Menu takes away…

What’s next for smartphone camera technology?

by 2 years ago

We’ve all come to take for granted how easy it is to take a photo or video at any time, thanks to our smartphones having cameras. While it’s amazing that we have this ability, one thing that has been sacrificed for the most part is the actual photo and video quality. In most cases, manufacturers have settled to pumping up the sensor size, neglecting other aspects, such as better lenses, low-lighting functioning, or improved shutter speeds. Fortunately, things begin to change. Smartphone camera tech continues to develop and there are some pretty cool improvements and features in the pipeline. Here…

HTC One X: How to make HTC Sense 4.0 launcher run smoothly and with no lag

by 2 years ago

If you’ve got an HTC One X, you may have noticed a bit of lag when navigating around the user interface. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who’s been experiencing this problem. HTC Sense 4.0, the latest version of the Sense UI, has an issue when you scroll through the pages on the home screen. It lags or stutters, which annoys most users. The HTC One X is one of the most amazing Android devices if you consider power and stylish design. Its attractive, smooth edges make the device look very classy and slick, not to mention that…

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727 (AT&T): Upgrading to build UCLE2 of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

by 2 years ago

Some Android users just can’t wait for official updates to roll out to their phones. The temptation of getting the newest updates before everyone else, even through unofficial means, can drive users to comb forums in search of any leaks. Thanks to the people from BriefMobile and XDA Developers member kennethpenn, firmware build UCLE2 of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket is now available. With a build date of May 8, this leak is based on the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Flashers beware–the UCLE2 firmware update appears to have a bootloader update. If you’re…

Changing fonts easily on your Android 4.0 ICS phone

by 2 years ago

We’ve seen all types of tips, tricks and methods to make your Android device stand out from the rest of the pack. Some developers have provided us with means of improving our device’s performance, while others have made worlds collide by porting a certain device’s OS into another manufacturer’s phone. Today, we’re giving you a chance to make your Android device truly your own changing its font. Introducing LC Font Changer, developed by XDA-Developer leventccc. What this handy little tool does is to change your phone’s fronts to one of the several fonts packaged. LC Font Changer includes fonts like…

Will Android 5.0 feature improved desktop capabilities?

by 2 years ago

Google has struck gold with Android. It’s the most popular mobile operating system, and, thanks to its open source nature and the growth of smartphones and tablets, one day it might even be the most popular operating system, period. This is something Google has been craving for a long time. For the biggest part of the last decade, Microsoft was Google’s main competitor, much like Facebook considers Google their main competitor today, or at least a company they would very much like to “beat”. So the Mountain View-based giant has been trying for quite a while now to develop its…

ARM Cortex A9 vs ARM Cortex A15 – What to expect, and what’s the difference?

by 2 years ago

ARM has completely dominated the mobile market for more than a decade, with over 90% market share, but it wasn’t until the rise of modern smartphones that we started to witness chips more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined we’d see in phones — chips that are now even starting to threaten Intel’s dominance and their status quo computing architecture. Starting with the ARMv7 architecture and the first Cortex CPU based on it, the A8, we already began to think of these devices as superphones or mini-computers once the 1 GHz barrier was broken. Then came the dual core…