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The Friday Debate: What Google product you couldn’t live without?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 22, 2013
Oh my god, they killed Reader! That was the general reaction of the internet last week, when Google announced its latest spring clean. Which leads us to the theme of this week's Friday Debate: What Google product you couldn't live without?
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Apple iPhone carrier deals in Europe under examination for potential antitrust abuse

by: Chris SmithMarch 22, 2013
Apple's iPhone carrier deals are under examination in Europe for potential antitrust abuse, although no formal investigation has begun.
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Does negative advertising really work? Microsoft seems to think so

by: Simon HillMarch 22, 2013
Do negative advertising campaigns really work? As Microsoft ramps up the attacks on Google, and Samsung goes head-to-head with Apple, will the whole tech world be drawn into a dirty war?
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Android invades the home: Can we get some Android home automation?

by: Simon HillMarch 19, 2013
Android is finding its way into more and more devices and not all of them are smartphones or tablets. Could our favorite platform usher in an age of affordable home automation? Let’s take a look.
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The great plastic debate of 2013: is plastic really that bad?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 18, 2013
Samsung is keeping with the tradition of using plastic cases on its flagship devices. The use of plastic is a polarizing issue, but is it really that bad?
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The Friday Debate: what do you think about the Galaxy S4?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 15, 2013
On this week’s Friday Debate, the question is - what do you think about the Galaxy S4? Read our arguments, vote in our poll, join the debate in the comments section!
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Galaxy S4 – what to expect when you’re expecting

by: Chris SmithMarch 13, 2013
What will the Galaxy S4 bring Android users on March 14? We have an idea what to expect from Samsung's announcement, but will the company be able to surprise its customers?
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Will the Galaxy S4 take back the U.S. from the iPhone?

by: Chris SmithMarch 12, 2013
A recent analysis of the U.S. smartphone environment estimates that Android growth in the region is much lower than iPhone growth. Will the Galaxy S4 change that?
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Open thread: What would your dream Galaxy S4 look like?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 11, 2013
With mere days left until Samsung lifts the veil on the Galaxy S4, we’re curious what you, Android fans, expect from the most important phone of the year. Sound off in the comments.
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No cheap BlackBerry 10 devices for now, says CEO Thorsten Heins

by: J. Angelo RacomaMarch 8, 2013
No cheap devices for now? It's a tradeoff between gaining market share and ensuring a consistent user experience. Which will it be for BlackBerry?
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