Facebook phone? You might be holding one right now!

Facebook Phone concept (credit: Yanko Design)
by 1 year ago

Time and again, a rumored Facebook phone is leaked, although these turn out to be a dud — or sometimes these just turn out to be smartphones released with special Facebook functionalities integrated. But we need not be messianic about the Facebook phone. If you’re reading this article on a mobile device right now, chances are your smartphone may already be the Facebook phone we’ve been waiting for.

HTC needs to step up its game

by 1 year ago

HTC enjoyed a meteoric rise with Android and manufactured some of the best smartphones of recent years. Its fall from grace has been spectacular. We examine what went wrong and take a look at how HTC might stage a comeback.

Is the Play Store still a beta for Google?

play store nexus 4 sold out
by 1 year ago

Google’s perpetual beta philosophy is beneficial for innovation, and that is great. But sometimes important things are neglected, and users end up getting screwed. That happened yesterday, with the world launch of the new Nexus 4, Nexus 7 with 3G, and Nexus 10.

Will Google’s improvements to Android hurt the app ecosystem?

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
by 1 year ago

Google improves Android with each new iteration by baking in new features, but where do they come from? Could it harm the app ecosystem if the hard work developers put in on an app has no pay off because the improved core functionality makes it obsolete? We take a look at developer pain, discuss the impact, and remember some pioneering apps that no longer seem necessary.

A Closer Look: Google TV and YouTube Integration

by 1 year ago

Earlier today we reported that the latest YouTube app update allowed you to share and control YouTube videos on your Google TV directly from your favorite Android smartphone or tablet. Not only is this insanely fun, this is the start of something big. Remember last summer when the Nexus Q launched? Almost immediately the Android and Google TV community collectively wanted these features to come together to form something truly amazing. We wanted to embrace Google’s vision of being open. We wanted to take our content with us, anywhere. Thanks to the latest round of Google TV and Android app updates…

Top 15 Nexus 7 Productivity Apps

by 1 year ago

The Android 4.1 Nexus 7 tablet was meant to be Google’s content delivery device, but it can be re-purposed into a productivity tool with apps from Google Play.

Will Google create its own stores like Apple?

by 1 year ago

Now that Google has a product range in the form of the Nexus line is it time the company considered a retail strategy? We’ve all seen the success that Apple enjoys with bricks-and-mortar retail stores; does it make sense for Google to open its own chain?

An anatomy of a Google downtime: how much do we rely on online services?

Android Broken-w600
by 1 year ago

The unimaginable has happened. Google went offline shortly this November 6th. Actually, Google does experience limited outages one time or another, although given Google’s reputation as a big technology company, this kind of thing is usually considered unthinkable by users. Can’t access your Gmail for just five minutes, and you’re probably pissed. What more if Google searches or other services don’t work?