The ‘Fastest Smartphone Ever with Intel Inside’ coming on March 14, right on Galaxy S4 event day

by: Chris SmithMarch 10, 2013

times square samsung galaxy s4 launch billboard (4)

We have just a few days to go until Samsung unveils its 2013 flagship handset at a special media event in New York, but the Galaxy S4 is not the only new Android smartphone that’s going to be announced that day.

Xolo has decided it’s worth trying to steal the show from Samsung on March 14 with a media event of its own during which it will unveil the “fastest smartphone ever, with Intel Inside.”

Xolo’s event will take place in Goa, India at 4PM (presumably local time,) which means the new Xolo handset will be unveiled well ahead of the Galaxy S4. But while the device may indeed be the fastest smartphone ever with Intel Inside, it will surely not be able to steal the buzz from the Galaxy S4 this week. But will it be faster than the Galaxy S4?

Recent leaks showing benchmarks for Samsung’s fourth-gen Galaxy S model revealed that the smartphone will offer an overall improved performance compared to the competition. While we will point out the fact that the benchmarks have not been officially confirmed yet, the Galaxy S4 will probably be one of the fastest smartphones out there, if not the fastest one, at least for a few months, until something better comes along.


Obviously, we’re looking forward to see official benchmarks for a variety of upcoming Android handsets, including the Galaxy S4 and Xolo’s new Intel-based smartphone, and we’re certainly interested to see how Intel’s new mobile processors perform in the wild. But we’ll be back with that information as soon as testing these devices is possible.

Anyone looking forward to buy new Xolo smartphones this year or are you going to get the Galaxy S4 instead?

  • Ivan Myring

    It looks so fat in the promo

  • Jordan Awkward

    The only person who could truly take Samsung’s buzz is crapple

    • Monji

      The only person who could take samsung’s buzz is samsung (:

    • Mike Reid

      person ???

  • Everything made in Asia comes fast!

  • Sudip

    Waiting fir the day

  • FAKE

    They know that samsung is way more popular and galaxy s 4 is the most antipaticied phone of year, so they want to comptete with that and lose most of journalist that would come on any other day.

  • Ethan Beck

    it’s not so attractive, from what little we can see in the photo, but it doesn’t surprise me that a dual core Intel based phone will outperform the quad core snapdragons and/or Exynos 5 (whichever Samsung decide to run with). Leaked benchmarks of the dual core Intel based Lenovo K900 from a couple of months ago outperform the recently leaked benchmarks of the Galaxy S4.
    Interesting times ahead I think.
    Looks like Intel are playing Hardball when it comes to smartphone CPUs as they realise there’s a huge marketplace they’ve previously been ignoring.
    They’re a big enough bruiser of a company in the processor business to totally upset the apple-cart.

  • amine ELouakil

    “Recent leaks showing benchmarks for Samsung’s fourth-gen Galaxy S model revealed that the smartphone will offer an overall improved performance compared to the competition.”

    Seriously what are you smooking guys? that’s the same result as an HTC One and way lower than the tegra 4 on project shield (it’s true that the latter is not a phone but still 25k on AnTuTu it’s just this new gen phones)

  • rath mam

    Galaxy S4 is my #1 choice even though it is all plasticky, every phone used plastic inside and other material outside. So nothing is different only outside looks.

  • john

    Samsung == Intel(scariest mofo in the industry) + xolo(you probably never heard of it)
    An even competition perhaps?

  • Samsung is going to stay on top for a long time now …

  • This is going to be an awesome one.

  • brett

    All about the windows phones, only getting better.

  • DarkRain

    Maybe it’s a typo and they mean it’s the fattest smartphone ever.

  • duncan duncan

    I don’t think they will take a Intel chip