Falcon Pro for Twitter gets DashClock Widget treatment in latest update

by: David GonzalesFebruary 16, 2013

Falcon Pro for Twitter
When DashClock Widget for Android 4.2 was announced earlier this week, it was revealed that third-party Android app developers will be able to play with it and incorporate it in their own apps as they add their own extensions for extra functionality. Android app dev Joaquim Vergès has become the first person in the world to do just that, releasing an update for Falcon Pro for Twitter that features full DashClock Widget support.

With the latest update, Falcon Pro for Twitter can now show a bunch of pertinent information for users — including number of tweets, mentions, and even direct messages — all on a device’s lock screen. Prior to the update, this info can only be accessed via the app itself. But now, it’s no longer necessary to actually launch Falcon Pro for Twitter in order to get all of the information that a user desires.

The latest Falcon Pro for Twitter upgrade also brings a number of much-needed bug fixes. And that’s on top of all the normal Twitter client features that one might expect from a third-party app like it. Check out the Google Play link below if you want to download Falcon Pro for Twitter now.