Falcon Pro for Twitter

Joaquim Verges, the developer of Falcon Pro, one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients for Android, pulled the app from the Play Store in order to figure out a way around Twitter’s restrictions on number of users.

The app reached Twitter’s 100,000  token limit on Monday, and Verges had to reset the tokens and ask users to re-log in, in an effort to clear inactive tokens and allow new users to make use of the app. Falcon Pro went through the issue before, back in February, and the reset of the tokens did the trick back then.

This time, Verges doesn’t seem too optimistic about the future of his app. As he details in a Google+ post, the 100,000 tokens limit has been reached once again in less than 24 hours, meaning that he will have to look for a new way around the limitation.

The developer warns that the situation could mean the end of Falcon Pro, but hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy one of the best third-party Twitter clients out there once again.

Joaquim Verges thinks that the reason why the token pool was exhausted so quickly after the reset was a landgrab that occurred when people learned about the reset. Also, some users have more than one account, which further uses up tokens.

If you updated your Falcon Pro installation and can’t use it anymore, you can download the .apk file of the previous version (2.0.2). The app is available on Google Drive one (link below) and worked just fine at the time this article was written.

Bogdan Bele
Bogdan is a tech writer and blogger, passionate about everything mobile in general and Android in particular. When he's not writing about technology or playing with various gadgets (which he's doing most of the time), he enjoys listening to a lot of music and reading.
  • Sylvain Labelle

    damn right its the best twitter app

  • RarestName

    Already pirated it a few days ago to trial it. Didn’t work so well with TweetMarker.

    • Logan Kraus

      Thanks, you know a huge percentage of the tokens taken up were from people pirating the app rather than legitimate users who paid the developer for it.

    • DannyDPX

      Pirating is one of the big reasons that paid users are unable to use this. Thanks a fucking million, asswipe!

      • RarestName

        I already uninstalled it. Do you not understand what a trial is?

        • DannyDPX

          I noticed you edited your original comment to remove the admission of piracy – there isn’t a “trial” option. That token you used when you pirated – that’s a token a paid user was denied access to.

          • RarestName

            Yes, I did. But when I used the APK from the given link, it works for me? Is there anyway to remove it?

          • DannyDPX

            It works for you because you still have your token from your “trial”. It is possible to revoke the token – you can do so from here: https://twitter.com/settings/applications

          • RarestName

            Thanks. I didn’t know that it worked this way. I thought that the token would be removed once I uninstall the application after trialling. Thanks and sorry to those who had this application purchased.

          • DannyDPX

            That APK that was linked was for the previous version, which the dev posted *after* pulling the app down from Google Play. If you did not pay for the app when it was on the Play store, you obtained it through some other means – pirating it.

          • RarestName


            I’ve already revoked the token.

          • DannyDPX

            and…… looks like his comments got removed

    • SeraZR™

      thanks for showing us what a fool and a disgrace to android you are


    • DannyDPX

      Editing your comment after the replies does not change things – “downloading from the apk” is not what you admitted to doing, and the apk only worked if you had previously authorized, and that was only just made available. With the access limit already reached days ago, the only way you had a token was by pirating. Yes, you have now revoked your token, but it might already be too late for this app.

      • RarestName

        I pirated it some time ago but I didn’t really like the way it synced so I uninstalled it without realising that I was restricting legitimate users from using the application. I’ve always uninstalled after trialling and I didn’t know about this. Yes, it’s wrong to pirate and I’m not defending piracy. The only thing that I can say to legitimate users now is sorry :(

  • philnolan3d

    I wonder if it matters that it’s installed on more than one device per user, like my phone and my tablet.

    • briankariu

      Nope. Just twitter accounts. You can have it installed on a million devices with only one twitter account and it will only consume one token

      • Victor V.

        anyone want to give me some concise bullet points on what makes this app so good? I’m curious.

        • philnolan3d

          I mainly just like how clean and easy to navigate the UI is. it’s also great that it has displays images, videos, and web pages without having to switch to a browser. On tablets it’s very nice since it has a split view with the feed on the left and the majority of the screen on the right is taken up by individual tweets, browser, etc.

          • Victor V.

            yea your description pretty much just sold the app to me lol. It sounds really useful, and it appears like it would streamline the process of keeping up with your tweets while multitasking. I hope they find a way around the “token” problem.

          • philnolan3d

            There are a ton of reviews on YouTube, this one was pretty good I think.


      • philnolan3d

        That’s what I figured.

  • milksop held

    Another dev should just make a near identical clone…

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    the limitation is just horrible. I dont use this program, but its really pain to see how big companies make small developers struggle with work people love. You know what Twitter? You should pay this guy for creating an app people actually love to use!
    I would consider cloning the programm and get more clients with double…tripple…etc. limitations. If you cant work with the given restrictions, you have to losen them for yourself.

  • Dtect

    I just requested a refund from Google Play.

    It’s an absolute headache. Great app, but a headache to live with due to Twitter’s system. Also the fact that it doesn’t allow me to keep Lucky Patcher on my device while it’s installed (no, I don’t use Lucky Patcher for malicious activity – it’s a valuable tool for developers).

  • lollicup04

    I was wondering what was wrong when the app didn’t refresh in nearly 4 days

  • mitch molina

    what a scum bag glad they pulled it