evleaks_facebook_phoneA day ahead of Facebook’s announcement, a second set of Facebook phone images have surfaced thanks to @evleaks.

The image from @evleaks shows the reported HTC Myst/First in three colors: red, white and blue. Unfortunately the images don’t reveal anything that we could see at tomorrow’s announcement. Although, the devices are a perfect match of a render we reported on a few days ago.

While these images do come from reliable Twitter account @evleaks, and just like any image posted online ahead of an announcement, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt. It won’t be long before we see something official though. Tomorrow is Facebook’s announcement, after all.

The Facebook phone is reported to have a 4.3-inch 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE, a 5MP camera, 1.6MP front-facing camera, Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and Sense UI 4.5 with the rumored Facebook Home.

Brad Ward
Residing in Eastern Michigan, Brad is a lover of all-things Android. Technology has always been a fascination for him. His first phone was the Motorola Atrix 2 with a recent upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He enjoys gaming, weightlifting, reading, creating ideas and most of all, writing.
  • kascollet

    Very iphone-esque looks.

  • David M Whittley

    I can only imagine that Facebook has done som crazy deal with HTC and some major networks to give these phones away!

    • They have. All conversations and typed messages filter though their system. The camera records and uploads 24/7 due to a “code error” and the data will forever live on their server. The only way to have it removed is to pay $600. So so that is what the paper says…

  • mirza

    how much costs

  • Vivek

    What is it with HTC making iPhone like designs… HTC One looks like iPhone 5 and this Facebook thing looks like the first gen iPhone

  • So ugly design. Looks like old Chinese models or iPhone tired design since iPhone 4.

    • echt?

      looks like it has been designed by Samsung design department :p