Facebook redesigns News Feed, looks pretty familiar

by: Andrew GrushMarch 7, 2013


Look who’s getting a makeover. It has been a while since the last major news feed redesign for Facebook, but the day has finally come. Although Facebook’s look is ‘different’, you probably will find it more than a little familiar.

The new Facebook news feed is all about looking clean while also being very image-centric in design. Facebook is calling the new look “mobile-inspired”, but Google+-inspired is probably the more accurate term here. Of course that’s not really a bad thing.

Google+ has a beautiful design that is much less cluttered than what we’ve come to expect from Facebook. Being fair, that’s how most businesses work. You take what looks good and works well, and you tweak it to the point that you can call it your own.

Outside of making images bigger, there will also be changes that make finding content much easier. For example, if you are only interested in looking at your friend’s photos, there is a photo feed button that will bring all of the pictures up. Interested in checking out the people you are following? There’s a feed button for that, too.

Do you have a bunch of businesses, movies, books and other places on your “liked” list? There will also be a friend’s feed that will filter out all that content for those times when you are only in the mood to take a look at actual posts from people you know.

As someone who uses Facebook occasionally to keep in touch with friends that have yet to move over to Google+, I’m excited to see this new look.

Like most rollouts of this nature, the change will happen gradually. The News Feed for regular web will start rolling out today, with the mobile version to follow in the coming weeks. If you are interested in getting the new look sooner rather than later, Facebook has created a page that allows you to sign up and join a waiting list for the site update.


What do you think of Facebook’s ‘new’ look, excited for it or would you rather things stay as they are?

  • It won’t take away the temptation to leave completely, but anything that is well designed is well appreciated.

  • tois

    looks pretty damn good!

  • Normal Guest

    how do i get it

  • brady

    also, looks like ubuntu

  • we want old Facebook back campaign is coming.

  • DeadSOL

    I’m on two sides of the fence when it comes to the new changes. On one hand, it’s great to see that Facebook is becoming easier to have interactions with friends. On the other hand, I hate how they’re copying Google+ (which is completely going to keep people off Google+). I’m actually one of the few people who want Google+ to succeed because it is ten times better but now that Facebook is copying the best features of Google+, I don’t know anyone who will be willing to make the switch.

  • Ayrton Emil Sánchez Cabrera

    umm interesting exactlly like google+ just with facebook colors lol whats next call it facebook+

  • i use g+ 4 biz. and some sharing but Facebook for sharing more personal things as pic.s and how my life is going. as is the case w/twitter my friends aren’t allowed to read my random thoughts i may post because i feel more free to say whatever but if they do read its not to be discussed w/me or anyone else. so yea they are all a little diff. and that’s good we don’t want them the same although my tumbler could use a few more features…