Facebook Messenger updated, makes sharing photos and videos even easier

by: Andrew GrushApril 30, 2014


Today Facebook is rolling out a new update to its Messenger app, bumping the version number from 4.0 all the way to 5.0. With such a jump forward you’d probably expect some pretty big changes here, and you’d be right.

While the overall look of the app stays the same in the latest update, don’t let this fool you, there’s plenty new. For one thing, it’s not easier to send video and photos within messages. Basically there’s a new row of icons at the bottom of the device screen that let’s you do things like insert a sticker, a voice message, upload photos and even lets you insert and directly watch videos from within Messenger. You can also now take a camera shot directly from within the app.

While some of this isn’t new, it’s all much easier to use than ever before. If you are a regular Facebook Messenger user, you’re going to find these changes to be welcome ones — though not exactly ground-breaking in nature. Is this enough to lure new users? Probably not.

To grab the latest version of Facebook Messenger for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google now.

  • SharkMuffin

    Update sucks, you cant review anything before sending, there is no preview and confirmation before sending pictures and stuff its so annoying accidentally sent a picture of my foot to my friend while using, I wish the old version would come back

    • Tiah Oon Tjoe

      I agree..prefer the old design. But as with all facebook updates…it will never come back….

  • Kevin Rivera

    I don’t like it for exactly the same reason that SharkMuffin stated

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    I haven’t updated since version 2.7.2 due to the fact that any version after removes sms integration. So oh well.

  • Farhan Yan

    @Andrew_Grush:disqus typo… “For one thing, it’s NOW easier to send video and photos within messages.”