Facebook Messenger officially gets Material Design

by: John DyeMarch 7, 2016


With Messenger poised as Facebook’s next big moneymaker with the advent of in-app ads, the sultan of social media has been tinkering with their one-stop-shop communication app ceaselessly over the last few months. Although we’ve seen some limited Material Design rollouts as Facebook has been trying to field test updates for the app, now it look like the aesthetic overhaul is coming to messenger for good. According to a tweet by David Marcus, lead developer for Messenger, Material Design is officially rolling out across the board in an update that is launching today.

Facebook-Messenger-3See also: Facebook Messenger is getting ads53

It doesn’t look like a whole lot has changed here. Messenger’s minimalist look was already pretty close to Material Design to begin with, but we are seeing the addition of some much cleaner looking blue bars at the top of the screen. Spacing in general feels like the app is giving its users a little more breathing room, and a perky blue “+” button will now be the way you’ll initiate a brand new conversation. On the friends list, the bottom bar has been removed entirely. While chatting, the toolbar has been simplified and resides below the draft space rather than on top of it. That irritating little “like” button that is practically never used on purpose is still right by your thumb, however, so look forward continuing your practice of accidentally sending a thumbs up in the middle of a conversation.

Not much else to report here. All the same functionality is pretty close to where you left it, the visuals have just shifted around a bit. What do you think of Facebook Messenger’s redesign? Nice improvements or total snoozefest? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sterminous

    Had this update for about 2 weeks or so.

    • Mohamed Salim

      I still do not have it how did you get it

    • Walden Sanders

      how did you do please ??

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I’ve had this update for over a month now. It’s pretty nice, I like it.

  • Ghadir

    How can I get the update?

  • Emanuel

    is it me or Spain and Portugal are the beta testers? I’ve had this update for two weeks already!!

    • Bruno Martins

      yes :D

    • Edgar Miranda

      I’m Portuguese and I only got the Material Design yesterday. Maybe it wasn’t for everyone…

  • ADofCLE

    Its a server side switch. I have everything aside from the fab.

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    Enable sms integration for all on fb messenger!

  • Captain Jack

    When will whatsapp get the material treatment? The wamod available looks much better than stock whatsapp.

    • Stove

      It already is Material Design on Android.

      • Captain Jack

        If you call that as material design, I am sorry. That’s dull

  • Seenzoned

    yeah like a month ago

  • QeeYou

    Still waiting ..

  • Chirag Kalra

    This sums up everything…

  • Mark Cline

    The FAB needs to die.

  • Shri

    the update is AWFUL! the font is so damn small even on my large note 5! ugh = and there is no way to change it

  • David

    I was just tweaking my Messenger and Facebook, and noticed both of them now have their own independent auto-update settings, outside of Google Play. When I turned off Facebook’s auto-update, the app informed me I would still receive updates, but through Google Play only. When did this start?

    • saksham

      i think u have a galaxy phone in which fb and messenger are preinstalled . samsung apps automatically updates its apps too ( i have an s6 edge )

  • BBXiong

    honestly speaking, while I appreciate the idea of dedicated chatting tool, I still dont understand why am I forced to install 2 apps, when I used to be able to access messages from the facebook app itself

    • Tydilicious

      Better statistics on apps download/usage, more downloads on store, limiting app size for people who don’t use Messenger, easiest upgradability for each services…

      I found these could be reasons

      • BBXiong

        maybe, but I’d appreciate having the option to still enable just text chatting in my facebook app, instead of having one more icon just for chatting.

  • EasyCare

    Just make it run with less memory and storage space, or might as well remove Messenger and bring back the chat feature on Facebook app.

  • Dono

    Finally, Messenger gets the Material Design and we are in April yet!

  • Chins3r

    I use the like “thumbs up” button all the time.