Facebook Messenger v9 adds Android Wear support

by: Andrew GrushAugust 6, 2014

LG G Watch unboxing initial setup (9 of 13)

Another day, another major app adds Android Wear support. Despite the platform being quite young, we are seeing quite a few apps throw in support for AW devices. The other day WhatsApp introduced support through its latest beta build, and now Facebook Messenger has introduced support for the watch platform as well.

According to Facebook’s Ian Lake, Facebook Messenger v9 makes it possible to respond directly to messages on Android Wear devices using your voice. You’ll also be able to send a “like” thumbs up reply and mute notifications on your phone or Android Wear device. Android Wear support is certainly a welcome addition to the Messenger app, and a good way of making the Messenger app stand out on its own. This move comes right after Facebook officially removed its messaging features from its core Facebook app.

Aside from the new Android Wear features, the app update doesn’t seem to bring much else to the table, though the official change-log mentions “improvements to make the app faster and more reliable”. To grab the update, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

  • Chris

    I might try this again. I had to uninstall FB Messenger because it was destroying my battery. I’m talking 5% in a matter of minutes with a 9300 mAh battery. Maybe it’s fixed now. I like that messaging app.

    • Giovonni Fareed

      had the same issue..should be fixed now

  • rubbaluvva

    good god is that watch for real you could knock out an elephant with that sucker!

    • Tower72

      actually they are not THAT big..I had this, but returned it for the Gear Live..and its a lot smaller then some of the “regular” watches I see on peoples wrists now a days!