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Although not scheduled for release until April 12th, a leaked pre-release version of the new Facebook Home launcher has surfaced. The files were pulled directly from a pre-release HTC First ROM but, as this isn’t a finished build, the app is still suffering from a variety of bugs.

However it does give us a little insight in to some of the more subtle features which may be available with Facebook Home, including the option to hide the notification bar or toggle status updates. But unfortunately one of the most promising features, ‘Chat Heads’, currently isn’t working.

The leaked version supposedly works on a wide range of devices, including the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, but it might require some tinkering if you’re not coming from a Nexus handset or stock Android ROM.

Facebook Home leak

Source: Modaco

If you want to test out the pre-release be aware that there are also a few other conditions attached. Firstly Facebook Home currently only supports devices with a maximum display resolution of 1280×768, and secondly you need to have either never installed Facebook on your mobile, or have the ability to completely remove it from your handset.

In other words smartphones or ROMs which ship with the default Facebook app pre-installed won’t work with the leaked version of Facebook Home, as the APK can’t be installed over existing installations. There is a work around to this problem but it requires rooting your device and removing files from your system partition, so it’s not for the faint hearted.

For those of you interested in trying this out for yourself; you can grab everything you need from modaco, and please let us know your first impressions in the comments below.

Robert Triggs
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  • Peter Blanco

    Tried it on my VZW Note 2 and had a pitiful experience, it was horribly laggy and I couldn’t get any real “Home” features working.
    That being said, it is a leaked Beta. I am excited to try Home, we’ll see whether I keep it or not.

  • If it’s only going to be available for certain models from Google Play then there should be a work around to make it work on other phones as long as your phone is rooted then ya can edit the build.prop file & change the model of ya cell to say GT-I9300 if you have a GT-I9100 etc to get it to d/l from there.