Facebook Home suffers poor reviews in Play Store

by: Mike StengerApril 13, 2013

Facebook Home

Facebook Home launched yesterday on Google Play, and reviews have been discouraging. Out of just under 2300 reviews, over 1000 users gave it one star. Home works as a launcher on select Android phones, while still allowing access to your apps or Google Play.

Here are just a few of the one star reviews:

Your phone loses all functionality with this. I had to remove it instantly so I could use my phone. Facebook fails again.

Limits phone functionality, awkward interface, just weird and pointless. No widgets, doesn’t show date and time, can’t easily and quickly access basic functions such as phone (duh I need to make calls), texting, and camera. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.

Very poorly put together. Most homes support widgets and clocks and this one limits you severely. The only thing this does is puts FB on the screen all the time.

Our very own Joe Hindy posted a review of Facebook Home, and here are some of his findings:

  • Tapping anywhere on the screen will display your profile picture. Dragging up takes you to your apps, dragging left takes you to Facebook Messenger, and dragging right takes you to the most recently used app.
  • You can easily access your phone by going to apps, and selecting “Phone”.
  • By default, your status bar only displays if you swipe down from the top. To fix this, select your phone’s menu button, “Home Settings”, and check the box next to “Show Status Bar”.

Currently, Facebook is suffering from a perception problem. The average user may not understand what a launcher is, so they may be downloading Home thinking it’s a regular app. For Facebook Home to reverse the trend, Facebook may need to better communicate exactly what it is. Right now, the screenshots and video on the Play Store page don’t seem to be enough.

For someone browsing Google Play, seeing a 2.5 star rating on an application is usually a major deterrent. We really like the concept of these app launchers, so we’re hopeful Facebook Home doesn’t dissuade too many from the feature. It’s all still very new, but a bad experience now may not be promising for the future.

  • It is ridiculous that so many people download it only to complain that it works exactly as its description says it does, if you can’t be bothered reading about what you’re downloading before installing on your phone; the problem is with you and not the software. simple.

    • LifesGreat

      its best to try something for yourself befor you go off of what someone else post’s in the review or what the description say right? you dont know until you try it…right? smart guy.

      • I am running it on my phone right now.

        • And yes, I would run it based off its description. If it acted otherwise I would have an issue, but i’m not going to complain because it does what it is meant to do. Its like complaining that a car drives and not flies, or that a boat isn’t working on land.. Ridiculous

          • glentomas123

            I’m pretty sure people are allowed to their opinions UX. If I describe the taste carrot cake to those who have not tried it: some will try and like it, others will try and not like, some will give their opinion without trying it. So chill out Facebook employee, not everyone likes your FBH.

          • my point is, people are rating something badly after being told 100% of the details about it. It just frustrates me how people can be so childish as to download this without reading what it is, then complain that its crap solely because they didn’t read what they were downloading.

    • Amazzed

      Sorry Christopher,
      The description never tells you that your phone will become extremely user-un-friendly to operate. Or did I miss anything?

      • yes, you must have missed the videos showing it running, or the description explaining how and what it is. It is clear about facebook being the focus of your phone and itself being a launcher replacing your old one. I do not have anything to do with facebook, and after watching the description and videos, after downloading it was exactly what I expected.

  • LosD

    They should have another option on the fb home screen to slide to, so that users can go back to their original home screen with ease.

    • there is an option, its at the bottom of the apps list. you click the more button and it puts you back to the default launcher temporarily

      • Your talking about the “More…” short cut at the bottom of the apps screen, all I did is drag it to the home screen & use that to access the phones default launcher from there.

        Basically Facebook Home is a just a very light weight no thrills launcher that ties in the main Facebook app & Facebook Messenger together.

  • williamworlde

    Ha, ha, ha! Now, go get a life and talk to real people you actually know!

    • Well said. That is 500^% True :)

  • The one major problem I had was a total lack of security. I didn’t mind it covering my lock screen or totally integrating itself into my phone (well I did but that was expected) I was just bothered that you had no way to actually lock the device.

  • Rohit Abraham Jose

    facebook home helps to connect to people well?????
    wat???? did i hear it right…………….????????????????????????
    go out of your rooms and talk to real people….. :D :D :D

  • Facebook home is useless. I prefer traditional launcher. http://exclusiveapplications.blogspot.com/

  • Magneira

    Take that htc só people actualy use widgets

  • mhakoi

    Can it be available in xperia phones?i like to try it…hope it could be availa
    ble soon.

  • swtrainer

    Not interested… I’ll never download it…its just a future launching pad for ads. Suckerburg has already flooded FB with all kinds of ads and there ain’t no way I’m giving him control of my home screen.

  • glentomas123

    Even with the Facebook army of employees promoting the favorable comments to the to the top, it still has this low rating. Lol!

  • Poor Phone. Now HTC locked in one place I think.

  • Amazzed

    It’s a waste of a launcher. I had no option but to uninstall it within a minute of usage.