Facebook Home updated with app dock, Android app gets new features

by: Bogdan BeleJune 7, 2013

Facebook Android

Facebook for Android and Facebook Home have both received updates that bring some useful improvements.

First of all, the Facebook Android app now offers you the ability to change who can view one of your updates, be it a photo or status change. This can be quite useful, should you decide that you don’t want your boss to see where you’ve been out last night and why you’re tired.

You can also add more photos to a single message you’re sending, by using the + button. Of course, stability and memory improvements, as well as bug fixes, are also included.

As promised on launch, Facebook Home is getting its fair share of updates. The most important change is an app dock, that gives users easy access to their favorite apps. Four apps can be added to the tray, as you can see in the screenshot below.

facebook android

This gives the launcher more of a “normal” Android feel, but it probably won’t bring Facebook Home more adopters than it already has.

  • aholsteinson

    The app dock, so this update is basically adding back things they removed from Android.

  • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II

    Facebook Home is a JOKE I got my S4 a couple weeks ago was going to try Facebook Home but you can’t use it and I read earlier this week it doesn’t even work on the HTC One. Facebook Home a Joke SMDH!!

  • Luka Mlinar

    Still sucks.