Facebook Home for Android officially announced, ready to take over the screen

by: Chris SmithApril 4, 2013


As expected, Facebook on Thursday unveiled a new people-based user interface for Android devices that will take over the screen of Facebook handsets. And, as expected, it’s called Home – recent rumors suggested the name of the app will be Home. Home is not a forked Android version, as some of the earlier rumors claimed, as Facebook simply built the launcher to work right on top of current Android devices. Mark Zuckerberg explained on stage that it makes more sense for the company to simply develop a custom user interface for Android devices, an open source OS that lets OEMs and developers to do pretty much whatever they want, than to actually build a Facebook Phone that would only reach a few millions users. This way, Home could be use by a lot more Android device owners, right on their existing handsets. With Home, users will have access to new lock and home screens that will be built entirely on one’s Facebook environment. From Home, users will be able to go through Facebook content (Cover Feed) engage in SMS and Facebook messaging sessions (Chat Heads app) but also launch regular Android apps that would be installed on your Android device from Home’s own app launcher.

Facebook Home will be available in the Google Play store at launch for smartphone users, while tablet owners will get Facebook Home support in the coming months. The application will be updated every month with new features and content, according to Facebook. We’ll be back with more details on Facebook Home and its features as we learn more about them.

  • lololol

    can use on gingerbread?

  • anops

    NO, make a good stand alone app first, then maybe will try this, i like having decent battery life you know?

    • Yoel Feuermann

      oh yeah. I uninstalled FB’s app cuz I had enough of their BS.

  • PG

    make a holo theme app first, like twitter did recently, them and maybe them we will take FB seriously on android

    • Omran Terro

      I don’t think so ; they should improve functionality first.

  • Omran Terro

    It’s a good step from Facebook ; It’ll give a boost to android

  • Fievel

    A home screen called “Home”….? I’m sure they’re going to trademark this, and in a year they’ll be suing someone for something, saying that they invented the home screen. Somewhere, Apple is pissed that they didn’t think of this.

  • Ignacio Martín

    Your life is for sale on facebook. It’s way too intrusive. So are you giving system-wide access permissions to an app from company known for not being very respectful with user privacy?

  • Ivan Budiutama

    obviously not for hardcore android enthusiast. The chat heads seems pretty interesting, it’s like a “flying notification” for messaging notification only. A bit controversial, some will love it other will find it annoying as hell.

    But not as controversial as the “launcher” itself, leave alone a dedicated phone built on the top of the UI. However, while not really that popular, MIUI proved to have a solid number of fanatics. So this UI (and the phones built dedicated to it) is absolutely a big gamble, like in my first words, surely not for hardcore android enthusiast, but we all know how large the FB user base is.