Facebook hashtags will soon be official, according to Wall Street Journal report

by: David GonzalesMarch 15, 2013

facebook hashtag
Some day, people will remember Facebook as the social networking giant that it is today, and they will say, “Remember when hashtags on Facebook were not a thing? Yeah, those were the days.”

It hasn’t happened yet, but Facebook will indeed introduce hashtags as a feature that its users can use — and possibly abuse — if a recently published report on the Wall Street Journal is to be believed. Apparently, Facebook is currently looking into incorporating hashtags as its battle with microblogging site Twitter rages on.

According to sources cited in the above-mentioned report on the WSJ, Facebook hashtags are currently in the testing phase. And much like the original, Twitter-based counterpart, Facebook hashtags will be used to group similar content on the same topics.

Even now, Facebook users are already using hashtags, despite the fact that they don’t really do anything at all. Except maybe make short, indirect, and “witty” statements that could otherwise only be shared via typing out complete sentences. If Facebook does indeed decide to finally add hashtags as a feature at some point in the future, then it would perhaps be put to much better use by Facebook users.

At the moment, the hashtag-as-a-way-of-grouping-content feature only really works with its originator, Twitter, as well as online photo sharing site Instagram, which Facebook famously bought for $1 billion back in April 2012.

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  • cheetose4

    For the love of a God No!!! if I ever here someone in person use a hastage, well, I can’t be responsible for what my fist does to their face.

  • AverageUser

    I don’t see this as facebook copying twitter they are just making lemonade out of the sh!tty lemons Duel users gave them.