Facebook for Android App Updated to Version 1.6

by: Elmer MontejoJune 27, 2011
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Time to level up your Facebook for Android app up to the latest version 1.6.0. The developers of the official Facebook for Android app just released the update last week on the Android Market.

Among the new stuff you can experience with the updated version are improvements to the News Feed, video uploading, and ability to view Pages. These new functionalities are expected to make the app give its users an easier time to keep in touch with their Facebook contacts. Pretty much all the basics of Facebook are already supported by the app. For instance, status updates, reading the News Feed, viewing Walls and user info, sharing photos, chatting, checking in to Places, sharing links, sending and receiving Messages, and watching videos.

The Facebook for Android app is one of the most-installed apps on the Android Market, with over ten million installations to date. It is also one of the most-rated and most-reviewed apps (about 14 thousand reviews so far, and over a million ratings). Interestingly, the app received a star rating of 3.8 (above average), which suggests that the app needs more work to deserve at least a star rating of 4.0. Undoubtedly, the developer team is on its toes to provide a smooth-functioning app, especially with what seem to be new bugs and aberrant app behavior brought about by the recent update.

If your version of the app works fine on your device right now, I suggest you wait out a bit until the kinks are sorted out. Or, if you’re adventurous and want bleeding-edge, go ahead and get Facebook for Android version 1.6.0 from the Android Market.

Have you updated to the newest version? What is it like?

  • Mike Lothian

    I updated over the weekend, it’s nice being able to upload vids straight to facebook now

    The messaging / chat feature is still a mess though and they really need to look at how wonderful Google Talk / Chat is

  • Yes it seems to be better but im still waiting for the day when it works like the whole of facebook

  • erik Gaudin

    Android market said my device are not compatible…
    Asus Transformer, 3.1

  • Matt

    The news feed is very nice but if I click on a post from my notifications page, the post is in the older FB format before this update so I can’t “like” a comment from there. They need to fix that.

    Other than that, its great.