Facebook Droidfooding campaign asks employees to switch to Android from iOS

by: Chris SmithNovember 25, 2012

The iPhone is still the most popular mobile device in Facebook’s campus and that’s not a good thing for the company when it comes to releasing a flaw-free, or close to it, Facebook app for Android devices.

Facebook is apparently more than aware that Android adoption rate exceeds iPhone adoption rate by a lot when it comes to mobile users. And plenty of those mobile users have a Facebook account and most of those that have one probably want to enjoy The Social Network on their mobile devices.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is now officially encouraging users to switch from iOS to Android – by using posters such as the ones in the images above – to be able to actually test the Android Facebook apps themselves and look for potential bugs:

“In the early days we gave employees iPhones primarily”, a Facebook spokesperson tells me. That decision and the rise of Android has left Facebook scrambling to get employees dogfooding its apps for Google’s OS. Now the company’s headquarters is plastered with these eye-popping posters asking Facebookers to “switch today”, and fix Android flaws with its secret bug reporting tool “Rage Shake”.

Apparently the campaign is working, and while Facebook employees are not quite ready to dump their Apple devices, more people are seen using both an Android smartphone and an iPhone.

Facebook has around 4,000 employees that can test out its mobile products on different mobile devices. From the looks of it, the company is always pushing the latest Facebook apps versions to Android devices. As soon as bugs are encountered, the Facebook employee can simply shake the device – a procedure that’s called “Rage Shake” – to report the issues.

  • aCe manayan

    This is the beginning of the iOS fall? =))

    • iPhone User

      No. It is a good thing. iPhone is BMW or MBZ while Android will be your Toyota and Honda. Love to see more Android phones out there on the street.

      • iPhone user

        One more thing, just ordered 10 Samsung Galaxy SIIIs for $49 each at Bestbuy (to replace our old BBs) for my techicians so our phone count is 10 Androids VS 2 iphones (me and my business partner). There is no way Apple will lower the iPhone 5 to $45 with a 2 year contract. I see iPhone 5s are for management and Android for the tech. I drive a MBZ and my partner’s BMW. My techs, off course, drive their Japanese or American cars. One of my tech actually wants an iPhone but I said no since Android phones such as Galaxy SIII is a better deal even at $199 with a 2 year contract. I only spend more for less if it is for my own use. MBZ and BMW were never a good deal compare with the Japanese but I don’t want a good deal when buying personal items such as car (except for company use), shoes, clothes, etc. I need some thing less popular.

        • AJD

          You are a doosh manager and can go to hell, oh and your employees are more efficient with their droids than you ever will be with your cryPhone.

        • TommyNYC

          You sir, are not only clueless, but also an ass.

        • leoingle

          This has got to be the most moronic thing I have ever read on this site. Yet another member of management totally out of touch with reality.

        • lol this guy is most retardest manager
          i dont know how he can manage a company
          through his comment we can see this a**hole just care to show off that he has high priced mobile and bs phone just like him

        • Mitch Church

          I’m what you might call a “peon” where I work. Especially in comparison to some of the more…veteran employees. Having said that, I drive an Audi to work every day. Did I buy it because I want to be original? Hell no. I bought it because I loved the car. Does it make me any better at my job, appearances or otherwise? Negative. That black/white comparison of Toyota vs your “MBZ” (who the fuck refers to theirs as MBZ, anyway?) was something only a douche-canoe would actually type. Clearly, you have tunnel-vision in the job world. The ONLY relevant statement you made was in reference to the SIII being a exponentially smarter investment than any version of the iPhone. You sir, need a reality check.

      • TommyNYC

        So you’re saying that while Android is great but just not as great as iOS ?
        That’s what I get from your comparison…
        Because if you think BMW / MBZ are so expensive for no reason (like iPhone), you’re a bit wrong.

      • ucandisqusthis

        Pathetic troll is pathetic

      • Derek Vinland

        Wow man, what an asswipe, as if iOS helped you increase your work performance and efficiency, if you think a “nice looking” calendar does it, you certainly as missing out of truly functional phones, as if iOS was so cutting edge and had the latest functionalities, when it doesn’t, but ok, iOS for fartsmelling twats is what makes you all happy and jolly in your “I prefer being original” world, you certainly are one heck of an ignorant.

  • jake

    My favorite app (myopia calculator from frauenfeld clinic), only available on Android. Times are changing, looks like!

  • AJD

    Nearly alll the people i work with ( at a large IT company ) that are either system or software engineers use and Android and despise Apple. This just has to say something about how stupid the employees for a crap company like facebook are, their apps are garbage whether iOS or Android and they need to learn to program FFS!

  • Can someone please slap the shit out of all the isheep please???

  • ucandisqusthis

    Expect this trend to continue. All the big apps will be focusing on Android first (if they aren’t already) because that is where the users are. Will be interesting to see what effect this has on the iThings, and if the priority for Android will occur in smaller dev companies as well. I remember waaay back in the day when it seemed Apple might have a chance vs the IBM PC platform. We knew the “battle for the desktop” was over when major software companies started releasing PC versions first and then eventually dropping Mac support altogether.

  • heenan73

    You really believe that this whole campaign is because their Android app isn’t as good as their iPhone app? Then I have some fine real estate to sell you in the Florida swampland.

    I have no inside info, but that just doesn’t wash, and reeks of PR company cover up.

    It is far more likely related to FB development of an Android phone, and need to get staff Android-compatible first, but we’ll see.

    But changing everyone’s phone for app development is nuts – they’ll still need an iphone app, and 10%+ of FB users will remain IPhone users for a few years yet.

    You’ve been punked. Again.