Is Facebook working on a “disposable chat” app?

by: Robert TriggsDecember 18, 2012

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Rumor has it that Facebook is currently testing its own private chat application. The new messenger app is designed to allow users to send photos and messages to each other which, unlike the traditional Facebook chat, will expire after a period of time. The app will be separate from the standard Facebook app, but it will almost certainly integrate with contacts from your account.

The app shares the same concept as Snapchat, a real time picture messaging service which has a time limit on how long content can be viewed before being permanently deleted from user handsets. Snapchat currently sends about 50 million photos between users everyday, so the concept is clearly a popular one. Facebook’s new app is designed to do pretty much the same thing, with communications between users only being available for a specified period of time.

Interestingly, this may be Facebook’s attempt to smooth other controversies about its privacy policies and concerns that it stores ridiculous amounts of personal information. But this does beg the question, given their previous track record of harvesting data, are users really going to trust that Facebook is deleting this content?

So far there’s no confirmed release date for the app, so we will have to wait and see how people respond to this apparent change in direction regarding privacy. What do you think? Is a more secure private message service something you’d use, even if it’s being overseen by Facebook?

  • Michael Lee

    On the home page, where it says “but can we really trust the data collecting giant”, it should maybe mention “data collecting giant with a bad integrity” or something. Google is a data collecting giant too. :)

  • widowmaker

    Completely useless app. If someone really wants to copy an image or message from this app, A simple screenshot is one method of saving the data. As for data mining, one would be lying to themselves if they believed it’s not happening.

  • beboo

    how about voice & video calls ?

    • There is (at least was) a video option while in FB chat. I have used it. The voice didn’t work on my link but the video was good. When in chat look for a camera icon at the top of the chat window. Course you need a web-cam.

  • MasterMuffin


  • Not anymore than people can trust Google in their privacy concerns. If we as people were seriously concerned about privacy and our conversations and data being private, Android would never have taken off.

    The way I look at it, both Facebook and Google offer great services and for free on their servers. Those servers and services we use didn’t just get there, Google and Facebook had to pay employees to work and develop them. If people really want privacy then really they should start paying monthly dues as Google and Facebook should charge for it, since IMO some people are ungrateful they are getting free services and actually think there is no catch for getting something free.

    If I was paying monthly to use Facebook and Google along with everybody, then I will be pissed, because things change when hard earned money is actually being spent on a service that is expected to act the way I presume my money is giving me expected services.