Facebook hosting its “biggest developer party yet” to kick off Google I/O

April 26, 2013
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With the launch of Facebook Home earlier this month, weā€™ve seen an interesting relationship form between the social networking giant and Google. To show its support for Android developers, Facebook will be hosting a party for Google I/O attendees on Tuesday, May 14. The event will take place at Jillianā€™s San Francisco, a day ahead of the kickoff of Google I/O 2013.

At the party, developers will be able to chat with members of Facebook’s Android team, learn about apps, and receive FB swag, which includes a special t-shirt. Each day during Google I/O, Facebook will give away a MacBook Air to one lucky developer wearing the t-shirt given out during the party.

Facebook also announced its attendance to theĀ AnDevCon BostonĀ conference in late May, where it will give a keynote. Moreover, Facebook’s engineers will hold three classes dedicated to Android. From Facebook’s official blog post:Ā “We’ll talk about why we built Home, how we designed its UI, and how we optimized battery and data usage. We’ll have a few technical deep dives, and will share some insights about how we built the product to be centered around people.”

We look forward to seeing what Google announces at I/O, and are glad to see Facebook further embracing the Android community. Will you be attending I/O or AnDevCon?


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