Despite its flaws and the complaints of its legions of users, there’s no doubt that the Facebook Android app is one of the most downloaded and popular apps available on Google Play. I mean, who among the Android users you know has not installed and not used the Facebook Android app? Nobody, I guess? That only goes to show that, despite its flaws and inconsistencies, Facebook for Android is a must have for most mobile users.

It’s a good thing then that the folks at Facebook HQ are not resting on their laurels and continue to improve the Facebook app for Android. Take the case of the current update (version 1.9.5), which was just released and is available from Google Play. It’s a pretty simple update with no new features introduced. What the patch does is fix crashes that some users experienced after logging out or when the app remained inactive for long periods.

Lastly, take note that while the Facebook app will run on Android tablets, it’s still not optimized for such Android devices. So don’t get mad when if it won’t look good on your Galaxy Tab, ASUS Transformer, or other slates that are bigger than 7-inch.

  • Amblin

    This is one of the slowest and buggiest apps on my Android devices. Really sad for a company as large as Facebook.

  • Healy

    Wy should I not get mad that it doesn’t look good on my tablet?
    That’s Facebooks retarded priorities.. timeline and such… so I bloody WILL get mad.

  • cliff_dangers

    Oh ya they fixed it all right. They fixed it so well the news feed is screwed up on tablets. Instead of it being full screen, we get a strip down the middle that is about 1/3 the width and it truncates photos in a very odd way.

  • Jungle_o

    It worked fine on my 10.1 tablet before the update!

  • julius

    My Facebook has failed to post anything on my account after updating my operating system.

  • sdubuis

    Installed it for the first time this morning on my Galaxy S3. Screen goes all white. Can’t back out with the back button. I do a restart and the phone comes up to its lock screen but the touch screen is unresponsive so I can’t get past it nor can I shut down. I pull the battery out, put it back and restart the phone works now but it can’t find my WiFi. Nice work Facebook!

  • Renzo

    Galaxy S3 users do not have to pull the battery out from the phone. Long-press the menu botton and it populates the apps you have been accessing. From there, you slide it out of the way, which closes the app. Try logging on to FB using the “desktop” version; that one does not freeze. Hopefully a fix soon? Good Luck!

    • Sergio Villaseca

      But… The app keeps freezing randomly and yesterday my S3 got completely frozen at the crash window. A battery pull was the only solution. Hope they release a bug-fix soon.

  • andy

    Facebook app constantly crashing on my galaxy s3. it’s about time the developers sorted this out once and for all.

  • Tony

    100% crash and keep shutting itself down

  • nick

    App crashes so bad on samsing galaxy 3 …is un usable (even after re install fd and os system)..riped of

  • theoriginalgirlygirl

    Soooooo frustrating!!!! Keeps crashing on my tab 3!!!!