Facebook announces Facebook for Android alpha testers program

by: Adam KoueiderOctober 12, 2013


When beta simply isn’t close enough to the bleeding edge, alpha testing comes along to slash its way into the hearts of those who must be among the first people to get the latest features. If you’re one of those people and you’re a user of Facebook, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook has announced a Facebook for Android alpha testers program.

Lead mobile release engineer Christian Legnitto claims that the alpha testing program “is not for the faint hearted” and that “features will come and go”. The alpha stage will naturally be less stable than the beta and standard app, however, it will offer brave Facebook users an opportunity to be among the first people to see the direction in which Facebook is headed.

Legnitto says that the alpha and beta testing programs will “give early user feedback” and ensure that Facebook can “confidently provide the best app experience to everyone using Facebook.”

Another milestone for Facebook was the fact that since the beta testers program was launched in June, the program has reached over 1 million daily active users in over 150 countries, using smartphones from 50 different OEMs, running a multitude of Android versions.

If you’re looking to join the Facebook alpha testers program, hit the source link below to find out how to join.

  • MasterMuffin

    Google should release Chrome Canary (like Firefox has Aurora) for Android

    • toni

      dude you’re everywhere

      • Luka Mlinar

        hahahah :D

        • MasterMuffin

          *Muhahaha :D

  • TechDevil

    They can barely get Beta right, and now they want people onto Alpha? I’ll stay at the stable (which is actually quite unstable) version, thank you!

  • Southall87

    Alpha (initial first) testing should be done by the developers, this is beta testing regardless of what they call it. Unless they are writing code and not even running it lol!

    • lil bit

      The devs test individual code modules as they go, when a product reaches Alpha it is already ready to be compiled as a full installable package.

  • Mayoo

    And yet, they can’t even fill the change log at each release…

    Still have to go thru app -> chrome m.facebook link -> youtube link -> youtube app to watch a video.

    I don’t care if they give us Alpha access, all we can witness is FB’s complete disrespect for standards, users and functionality.

  • FWIW

    As of today:

    Stable = 3.9
    Beta =