The Eye Tribe wants to create the first eye-controlled tablet

by: Varun RajDecember 17, 2012

the eye tribe eye tracking

Have you ever wondered what the next major input method for smartphones and other devices will be? Well, if this Danish company, The Eye Tribe, is able to achieve its goal, the next big thing might be your gaze.

The Eye Tribe is working to build a software that would allow users to interact with their mobile devices just by looking at them. The startup’s work has already enabled it to raise $800,000 in seed funding from European investors, but the company has now got its big break.

The Eye Tribe has announced the launch of a $4.4 million project over three years, that will put its eye-control system on smartphones and tablets. Out of the $4.4 million, $2.3 million was provided by the Danish National Advanced Foundation, a Danish government foundation. The foundation will not take an equity stake in the company.

Other partnering companies include the University of Copenhagen, DTU Informatics, LEGO, and Serious Games Interactive. The Eye Tribe’s CEO said in a statement that “by having partners such as LEGO and Serious Games Interactive we not only prove that eye tracking can be integrated in a mobile device, but we also make sure that we have the necessary use cases to show that the technology is useful.”

The Eye Tribe’s technology can be used on a larger scale and in many other devices than just smartphones. The possibilities are truly limitless. Here’s a demo video of the technology:

Formerly known as Senseye, The Eye Tribe aims to release a software development kit (SDK) for developers of games and apps next year. The company is looking at several possible use cases for its technology, including a more secure way of logging into mobile devices, eye controlled games for education purposes, and automatic scrolling without touching the screen.

  • Isn’t Google also testing this sort of tech with project glass? Either way this is awesome tech!

  • 84guy

    look how stupid they look O.o id never use that

    • OBK1352

      guess that means you have use of your hands, so you have a choice.. many people do not have a choice and would love to have this as an option.

      • 84guy

        i understand for handicap but reading and watching showed 2 people using it, who have arms and hands and no reason to not be able to use them and it just looks ridiculous, nothing in this article states for handicap use

  • Harjifangki

    Is this necessary?