Extended Chromecast app support seems to indicate dongle is coming to other regions

by: Chris SmithOctober 20, 2013


The Chromecast could soon be available in other markets, as Google’s Android and iOS application have been made available in non-U.S. markets.

So far, the gadget has been available solely in the USA – although Amazon did briefly sell it to international customers – but it would make plenty of sense to see Google expand Chromecast availability to other regions of the world.

Engadget reports that the official Chromecast apps (Android and iOS) can be installed in the UK and Canada.

Should we expect a Chromecast-related announcement from Google next week? A Google event that’s related to Google Play is scheduled for October 24, and word on the street it’s not about hardware. Is it possible though that the Chromecast will be part of it – will we see Google announce international availability for the device?

We can’t answer that question just yet, but it’s clear that Google has quite a few announcements planned for this fall, not limited to only the highly-anticipated Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and Nexus 5 smartphone.

International readers, have you purchased a Chromecast from the U.S.?Have you been able to install the Chromecast app(s) in any other countries than the U.S.?

  • Diogo Seraphim

    It’s available in Brazil.

  • Enzo

    I bought one via Amazon.com over here in Germany. First i had to sideloaded the App, but since 19.10 we can install the App officially via Play Store :)

  • Omar De Donato

    The Chromecast App is also available in Italy.

  • master5hake

    Hopefully the news will be that the chromecast supports streaming local media from android devices.

    • Michael Petkov

      There is a way to do this, watch AA chromecast tips and tricks

      • master5hake

        You are able to stream local media from a PC using Chrome’s built in file browser, however there is currently no way to stream local media from a mobile device. Though you can just transfer the media to a PC to stream. But that seems like an unnecessary additional step to me.

  • ajr30

    If you have someone you can trust in the US, you can get the Chromecast app outside the US. Have a friend log onto Play Store using your credentials (you can always change them if you don’t trust said friend). That friend should navigate to the Chromecast app in a desktop web browser and install the app to your device. After you have installed it once, you will have access to it in the Play store outside the US and can install/update it from all of your devices. I know because it worked for me.

  • Santeri

    Chromecast application available in Finland too. We have had reports that Google Play Store’s devices section will be expanding to northern Europe during the next month or so. This could be it. Thumbs up!

  • Muddy_Water

    Give it 4 days and we’ll all know :)

  • Michael Petkov

    Yes I am in Australia and ordered through Amazon when they slipped up. Had to side load the chrome cast app initially, however since yesterday I was able to download from the play store. Netflix region blocked still as well as hulu plus. Using with the browser extension and YouTube, Play Music, Play Movies. Love this so much as does my 6 year old daughter! :-) Watching YouTube on a 40 inch screen is so much more enjoyable and also browsing and casting the screen onto the TV is fun. Only draw back is region locked features and the slow uptake of third party vendors.

  • I Mansoor

    I live in Oman. Bought a cast from us. I was able to down load the software, however all featurs are not working such as Netflix Google tv except YouTube and chrome browser… I hope soon we wll have more options…
    For me, I love to watch YouTube.. In the big screen so am happy…

  • Enrique Ibarra Anaya

    I bought a Chromecast in the US and took it back home to Mexico not knowing that it was supported only in the US. I could not download from the Google Play Store the Chromecast app. Fortunately, someone in the US put the Chromecast app package in a public folder of his Dropbox account so international customers could download it. That is how I did it and was able to install it.

  • Enrique Ibarra Anaya

    The Chromecast App is now available in Mexico

  • Enrique Ibarra Anaya

    I hope Google updates the mobile version of Chrome (Android & iOS) so you could stream from it to a Chromecast device

  • RamitSuri

    Working in India.. :).

  • Polys Antoniou

    The Chromecast App is not available in Cyprus.

  • sasquacho

    Nice. Been waiting for this to come to Canada for months.. but all this waiting has made me not care . Hopefully soon.

  • Michael Lajoie

    I bought one via Amazon.com over here in France. First i had to sideloaded the App from XDA, but now I can install the App officially via Play Store…
    Perfect for movie rental on Google Play :-)

  • Roy

    My Chromecast works perfectly here in the Netherlands.. YouTube, play music, Netflix.

  • Edward Manson

    It’s available in New Zealand

  • Aliaksandr Famin

    I have one in Belarus. Yesterday android chromecast app become available for me. Before I’d used PC chromecast app to setup the dongle. I have no google music or netflix, but youtube and chrome casting works perfectly. Waiting for more applications :)

  • app

    App is available in Ireland.

  • Claudio De Castro Fiuza

    App available in Portugal…

  • dutch7

    app available in the netherlands

  • akshay jain

    Got it in india as well! !!!!!!
    Does this meab they’re going to sell this in India as well?

  • Steeve Francillon

    I’m from Canada and i have chromecast at home….. I just love it :)

  • Alain Lafond

    Yes, as soon as I saw that the app was available, last week, I installed it. And it worked very even if my Chromecast was already installed.
    I’m in eastern Canada (Montréal, Québec).
    Love it…

  • Michał Niedostatkiewicz

    App available in Poland. Interesting though, because here Google Play Services, like Movies, Music, or Nexus Devices aren’t available.
    Only Books and Games work.

  • stallthedigger

    Available in Korea!

  • Robert keyes

    Living in ireland, bought chromecast on ebay and it works on magnet internet. And it is brilliant for Netflix and YouTube.

  • ilai

    I bought mine in the us. I can now download the chromecast app on android