What started as a portable means to make and receive calls and text messages, has now been replaced with the desire for a lot of other technologies such as cameras and mp3 players. Our smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, which we use for almost everything. Browsing the internet, checking e-mail, watching videos, listening to music, taking pictures and videos, and gaming, we can do it all on one single device.

What gives us the ability to do so, is the rapidly changing handheld device technology, such as the much faster dual-core and quad-core processors we now have available to us. Unfortunately, one piece of tech that hasn’t been able to keep up with the rest: the battery. Yes, OEMs do have the option to feature much larger batteries in their devices. But this takes away from the form factor in a world that is seemingly obsessed with “ultra-slim.”

This is where the availability of extended batteries is a life saver. Extended batteries, in a lot of cases, don’t offer that much more capacity than the stock battery. They are used more as a replacement than anything else, if your original phone battery is dying. Today, we take a look at an extended battery option for the Samsung Galaxy S3 – the Hyperion battery and charger set.

The Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S3 battery pack includes two 2,200 mAH batteries and a universal wall charger. You can watch Clayton’s video of the Hyperion extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 here:

On a side note, as mentioned in the video, please DO NOT buy the Onite rechargeable batteries. Even though it specifically states that this extended battery is for the Samsung Galaxy S3, it does not fit in the battery socket. Although a customer review states the company is aware of this situation and sent him a new battery which does work, please wait for an official confirmation from the battery manufacturer before going ahead with this purchase.

Back to the Hyperion battery for the Galaxy S3. Features of this extended battery include:

  • Smart LED on the wall charger shows charging status.
  • The batteries feature an integrated microchip to prevent overcharging and lengthen battery life.
  • 2 spare batteries available which means you’re never without power.
  • Compatible with all versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (International and US)

As mentioned, the 2,200 mAH capacity is only 100 mAH more than what is available with the Samsung battery. It’s not going to drastically improve your device battery life, but is very handy as a replacement for when the stock battery is dying.

What are your thoughts? How good has your battery life experience with the Samsung Galaxy S3 been? Will you be buying the Hyperion extended battery pack? If you’ve already done so, let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • vinnemius

    will i still have NFC?

  • MasterMuffin

    The battery life of sgs3 is amazing, it’s much better than sgs2 :) happy I bought it

  • I don’t use my s3 heavily, but find that it reaches the 30% left range after a few days of intermittent usage. Keep in mind I leave the WiFi radio on which I am sure lowers the run time considerably.

  • Whipit

    While I do think there’s a lot or room left for improvement in battery tech in general, I’m still very happy with the battery life of my S3. Even under HEAVY use all day long the battery still lasts more than long enough until I get home late in the evening.

    I hope you’ll review the Mugen 4600mAh for the S3 as well.

  • Ressentir

    What does anyone think about those replacement batteries on eBay that are brandless but are far cheaper? Would it possibly damage the phone? And would extended batteries damage the phone in the long run?

  • jamer

    My previous phone was the apple iPhone 4. Out right I must say the galaxy s3 is in almost every aspect a much superior product. My only complaint is the battery life it just doesn’t compare to the iPhone. I spend equal time on both doing about the same things and I just can’t get the S3 to last.

  • androidtreasure.com

    There is
    2300mAh battery from
    Mugen Power Batteries also..

  • After purchasing my Galaxy S3, phone 5 days ago, ive realized that I was in for a big issue when it came to the battery life. I barely used my phone, and I kept losing massive amounts of energy. There is definitely something wrong here. Other then the battery issue, this phone, I luv it. Im just extremely upset that I cant figure out how to solve this battery issue, without having to turn off all my apps and do a hard reset, which im not even sure if it will be a permanent fix.

  • Why is there no review about our batteries, huh? :) Please let us know, if you want to get one of our 4600mAh HLI-I9300XL batteries to test!

  • Im talking about the stock battery that comes with the Sg3.. If you get great battery life with the stock battery, i will be shocked.