Exclusive: Leaked photos of the Moto E

by: J. Angelo RacomaMay 10, 2014


One of the most hotly anticipated devices this time of the year is the Moto E. Codenamed XT1021, Motorola’s rumored entry-level offering is intended for emerging markets, and likewise expected to launch in more mature mobile markets like the US, UK and others. While the Moto E specs are not trail-blazing, what’s so hot about this device is its price, expected to be in the sub-$100 pricing range. A source close to Motorola has shared a few details about the upcoming Moto E with Android Authority.

Our source says the Moto E will feature a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, 4GB internal memory, microSD expansion support, 4.3-inch screen, 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and digital TV. Moto E will not have a front-facing camera.

The sharper screen category, protected with Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass and splash water resistant layer, aiming at a higher durability, the newest Android ™ 4.4, KitKat ® with guaranteed update; battery that lasts all day and the Motorola Shells, giving complete freedom to be who you want.

A few notable features include the promise of a long-lasting 1,980 mAh battery, as Motorola says the device will have a “battery that lasts all day.” The Moto E has also been given extra durability with Corning Gorilla Glass, plus splash resistance (no idea about the rating, however). The 12.3 mm-thin smartphone can be customized and protected with Motorola Shells. Moto E will ship with 4.4 KitKat. The exact version has not been indicated, although the marketing material says “guaranteed update” which means that either this will be akin to a Google Play Edition device, which either Google or Motorola will ship out the latest Android updates when they are out.

In terms of pricing, our sources from Brazil have shared that SRP in the country is 599 reais, which is about $270. However, knowing that smartphone prices in Brazil are exorbitantly jacked up due to government tariffs — sometimes coming out twice or thrice the price — it’s likely that Motorola’s “priced for all” Moto E will be sold at sub-$100 prices in other markets. At the very least, it is expected to be priced cheaper than the Moto G.

Motorola is making a formal announcement this May 13th, and Android Authority will be on the ground to do a hands-on of the Moto E. Be sure to stay tuned for updates. Do check out the gallery below.

  • mohd sultan

    I will buy this one for sure
    It is best for Asian markets
    If its price is less than 100$ dollars
    But a little bit ugly

    • emma852

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      by working off of a computer. try this F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

      • chaki-

        I will buy you icecream if you work on my PC :D

        • mohd sultan

          okk i will :D :D

    • joser116

      I’m betting that it will still be smoother and have less lag than the Galaxy S5.

      • Jayfeather787

        It probably will be. I have played with the Moto G, and it is very fast. Easily outruns an S5.

  • *Dual-core!

    • jangeloracoma

      Our source told us it’s quad-core. We’ll know for sure in the coming days.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Before Google Motorola made ugly phone. Then Google stepped in and they made beautiful phones. Now Lenovo steps in and back to ugly again.

    • Dale Emery-Smith

      Lenovo wouldn’t of had any input over the design of this phone. Lenovo have only just purchased Motorola, this phone would’ve already been in the pipeline back when Google still owned Motorola, so it would’ve been too late for Lenovo to have any major input over the phone.

    • Juan A C

      The “sale” hasn’t even been completed yet. I don’t know why you guys put so much effort in bashing Lenovo.

  • Eee

    I don’t know why do you think it is ugly – it features (almost) the same design as Moto G. Obviously, it can’t be as thin as the more expensive phones. After all, the idea is to make smartphones more accessible

    • The ugly bit is the speaker bit on the bottom. Put it on the bottom or back or something, or at least hide it a bit. :D

      • Lisandro O Oocks

        To me it looks sharper than the Moto X. Sure not as bezel-less but not rough on the edges.

  • Suryawan Pranata Suryawan

    zenfone 4 anyone? baytrail+ with hyperthreading without losing front facing camera


    • rdeleonp

      That turd comes with ASUS’ skinned 4.3.

      The moto E will come with the latest near stock 4.4.

      Also, from Engadget:

      “If there were a stinker in this bunch, it’d be the Zenfone 4. The device is truly aimed at the low-end market and abandons much of the attention to detail and build quality of the 5 and 6. In hand, it feels flimsy and cheap. Its 4-inch 800 x 480 display is, understandably, lackluster and performance bears the hallmarks of a less powerful processor — it’s noticeably slow to navigate the UI.”

      So… no.

  • Dale2

    Moto E will not have a front-facing camera !!!

    really !!

  • Mur

    Happy to see they’re going the Snapdragon way.

  • Jayfeather787

    Not much of a difference between the G and this one. This one is pretty ugly though, and it does not appear to have a front facing camera. Hardware internals appear to be the same. If it was priced under 100 bucks then it would sell well, however, it would cost at least 100 dollars to make, so the chance of it being under 100 dollars is slim.

  • RanRu

    I can’t see what everyone is complaining about. If this thing were black and that silver piece at the bottom removed, it would look almost exactly like the Moto G. Or the X, for that matter.
    Compare this to any sub-$100 handset from Alcatel or ZTE and it’s a supermodel. If it can run Android smoothly in addition to that, there’s no reason this phone wouldn’t be a game changer.

  • Maranello Santiago

    Hmm iPod touch alternative?

  • zorro

    no ffc? wth!

  • Simon Belmont

    Quad-core, eh? Other places are saying dual-core.

    Either way, it’s probably a Snapdragon 400. Which can be had in quad-core or dual-core form.

    • Snapdragon 200 are also Dual and Quad-Core. It’s ARM Cortex-A5, not A7. The GPU is Adreno 203 or 302, but the 305 from S400 is better.

  • Krunksky

    can we get that wallpaper?

  • geospa300

    Geeeeee, the moto E a cheaper piece of crap than the moto G.

    • K2

      Companies should only make flagship phones?

  • Alexandre Schrammel

    You could put the source… http://www.googlediscovery.com

  • LightOfValkyrie

    I’m loving how we’re getting more phones with pretty decent specs for low prices. Been loving my Moto G since day one.