Evleaks reveals render showing off One M9 in two sizes, with improved aesthetics

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 28, 2015


With HTC set to unveil its next flagship in March, we’re already hearing quite a few rumors on what to expect from the One (M9). In addition to talk of specs, there have also been several leaked images that have hit the web, initially leading us to believe that the One (M9) would end up looking very similar to its predecessor. For those that were hoping that the images pointing to a near-identical One would prove false, the good news is that several publications and leakers are now suggesting that these images were early production units.

A new leaked image from the semi-retired Evleaks has now surfaced giving us a better look at what the M9 may actually look like:

The new render shows off two phones, one said to be the standard M9 and the other a larger model (rumored as the Hima Ultra). As you can see, while the two phones still bring typical HTC design language to the table, they are far from just M8 clones. The smaller model has finally done away with the dreaded HTC-logo black bar, giving us a much smaller black bar and moving the logo down further. The “Plus” model isn’t just a blown up M8 either, while it does have a HTC-logo black bar it also integrates a home button and other refinements. If you looks closely you can also see that both models have small, sleek front-facing speaker setups.

The new render shows off two phones, one said to be the standard M9 and the other a larger model.

What’s interesting about the home button on the plus-sized M9 is that a previous rumor had shown off a blurry image of an HTC device with such a setup, which reportedly packed a fingerprint scanner. Considering HTC has switched to on-screen keys for most of its recent devices, we’d say the addition of the fingerprint reader is one of the few logical reasons why HTC would bring back the home button. With more flagship devices offering fingerprint readers, we aren’t surprised to see HTC following suite with their larger model HTC One M9.

Starting with the One (M7) style and aesthetics have been a very big part of the HTC experience, and even though we were starting to believe that the M9 would simply rehash the same old design language — we’re glad to see that this may not be the case after all. It goes without saying that we can’t confirm the validity of the above renders, though @evleaks track record for accuracy is one of the highest in the industry. If the images prove correct, what do you think of the HTC One M9’s (and Plus/Max M9’s) new look?

  • Itamar Baum

    This one does seem more probable than the other leak. I do like the no black bazel on the smaller model.

  • João Grácio

    Finally they get rid of those huge bezels

    • Kass

      In terms of actual measurements, I would say the “huge” bezels are actually still there really – it’s just that, if this is the real deal, they’ve blended them into the design so much nicer that you barely notice them.

  • Jordan Ross

    It better not be a GS5/Note4 type of fingerprint scanner.

    • Victor_Creed

      Can almost guarantee it is. It’s too narrow to be a pressure reader.

  • Ehm… Speaker??

    • i see the cuts on the very tip top of the phone and very bottom of the phone?? do u think thats not it?

      • Hum … Yeah, right.


        • sorry, I wasnt sure if u were being sarcastic?? still arent to be honest haha. sorry if my response sounded assholish

    • Nik

      they are still there, cut closer to edges

  • oooooooooo so pretty! cant wait to see the actual final product. thank god its not like the leaks from last week!

  • TeeJay1100

    So is HTC in bed with Samsung also? Because they already are with Apple. That last phone is uglyyyyyyy.

    • yardie

      says 1 or 2 persons only
      youre in the minority

      so your opinion is wrong :P

  • That looks more like HTC <3

    • Xavier_NYC

      Amen. Now I’m waiting on the people that said you can’t keep the dual speakers without getting rid of the black bar. “That’s where the put the wire’s necessary for the boom sound” they said..

    • Charles7

      But a home button? ? ?

      • I am more interested in the smaller version. Looks like the frame to display ratio is amazing and the black bar below the screen is almost gone.
        Seriously who the hell wants those fingerprint scanners. Only the NSA I guess.

        • Charles7

          Small one looks great…..But I want my phablet!

          • yardie

            get an iphone

          • Charles7

            And why would I get an iPhone. . . cause it has all the things I just said I did NOT want?

            Massive ridiculous bezels on top and bottom?
            No front facing speakers?
            A home button I hate?
            A fingerprint scanner I don’t want?

            Are you stoned?

          • yardie

            I was joking bro. :)

          • Charles7

            hey, at least I asked if you were stoned ;)

  • Милен Стефанов

    I have deep doubt’s that this is close to real product… Just look’s too good for HTC- no thick logo bar, thin bezels, home button…

    • well I know how these leaks change so much randomly…..but if this is it and they end up working out the camera issues that plague most HTC devices, then they just won me over :)

  • Rohan J Singh

    everyone is gonna love this .. well done htc .. hope to see you beat samsung very soon in sales !

    • Wayne

      That’s never going to happen, it’s just wishful thinking. Samsung has too much money, a much broader range and you can buy their devices anywhere and in every country at every price point, HTC only exists in a few markets.

      • Rohan J Singh

        ya i know but with so many other companies coming up they are eating into samsungs sales, especially in india ..

        • Wayne

          Which is good as far as I’m concerned. They were resting on their laurels, overcharging for mediocre devices and riding the crest of the wave. All that’s coming to an end now and they are going to have to seriously pull finger if they want to remain on top.

          • Rohan J Singh

            agreed, yesterday i saw the galaxy a5 .. maybe their best designed and feel of a phone i’ve seen in person, super thin and light .. but then again no one buy it because it’s over priced compared to the competition ..

          • Wayne

            I’ve got the A5 sitting, still sealed in it’s box in my drawer. It’s a replacement for my S4, my carrier replaces my phone every two years. I agree it’s expensive because my monthly payments never came down. The S4 was a range topping device while the A5 is just mid range but if I held out for the upcoming S6 my monthly payments would’ve increased.
            I’ll carry on using my S4 for a while longer, it’s still relevant and still a good device, I’ll sell off my A5, I just don’t know yet.

          • Rohan J Singh

            yea selling it makes sense, i’m still rocking nexus 4 and no complaints :P

          • joy

            You’ve got a shite carrier mate!

          • Wayne

            Yep. A good carrier doesn’t exist anywhere in the world yet and highly unlikely to ever. You pay your money and make your choice.

  • abed

    i dont think that the new HTC is gonna have a home button…if they do that then they will ruin it…

    • I read on the last leak that they are wanting to add the fingerprint scanner. I’m with you tho. My #1 complaint with Samsung is that stupid home button on the front, although many people like it. The less buttons, the better in my opinion!

      • abed

        i have a galaxy s4, and i am not saying its bad to use a physical home button, but HTC phones look a lot better without physical buttons, they look cleaner, and if they add one they gonna make the phone a lot bigger, if they wanna use a finger print scanner or something then use the space between the screen and the speaker, there is enough space for it, or use on screen one, i mean you put your finger on your screen to open it, i think its much smarter, it maybe harder, but this will be the ultimate solution….the truth is i am waiting for the next HTC, i am planning to buy it, i got bored with samsung phones, i used S2 for 20 months and now S4 for 16 months, i want something new, fresh, fast….

        • I hear you, I went from the S2, to the S3, to my LG G2 cause I was looking for change. Now i’m on my Nexus 6, which is great, but i’ve always been tempted by the HTC’s. I have been looking for them to create a phone just like the one above! I hear you on the physical buttons….I really dont want it but i would want the bigger phone so I guess I have some soul searching to do! grrr

  • Jack Parker

    Good bye OnePlus one hello M9

    • yardie

      Say wut m9
      Oh wait..

  • Javier Neria

    You don’t know whether it’s a render or not, it could be the real thing, but anyways the M9 looks very nice.

    • MasterMuffin

      We know it’s a render, we just don’t know if it’s a render of the real deal. Hopefully it is, as that looks good. Or the smaller one does, the button looks weird (at least in this render)

  • Xavier_NYC

    This is more like it. Curious to see what the ‘Official’ specs are for both devices.

  • Please HTC, please don’t screw this up.

  • N*gga stole my speaker.

  • ibrahim speed

    Im sold…

  • t94

    m9 looks good, hopefully the logo isn’t affecting the boomsound speakers. the m9 max is ugly, black bar with logo and home button(or may be only fingerprint sensor) !! WTH htc !!?

  • Kass

    Here’s hoping the small one has a screen that’s 5.0 inches or less…

    • Wayne

      Me too but that’s highly unlikely. 5.5″ is considered small nowadays so anything less than that is just minuscule. Personally I like devices with a screen size of ~4.5″

  • SplendidPotato

    HTC with Samsung home button?? No thanks

  • nebulaoperator

    One thing that bothers me is the M9 case should be somehow have opening at the bottom and top edges . That means the area is more likely to be exposed to accidental damage than M8 and M7.

  • i_say_uuhhh

    Did anyone else notice the buttons are all on the right side of the phone. Might confuse some.

  • Davii Mai

    For now, I like the smaller one on the left and I really like the speaker design on the m7 & m8. I just hope the sound quality is good or better, that’s what matters for me in the htc one series. And the camera.

  • komero

    The smaller form size plus the specs that leaked. I can only say one thing: SHUT UP AND TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

  • BatDroid


  • abed

    Guys dont get too excited…this photo is just an apple photo…these are the iphones 6 and 6 plus…look at the sides…someone just gave them an htc front…its too early to know what the htc will look like…

  • yardie

    Definitely waiting for this. Gonna buy this full price!!

  • Achilles

    Why does all of them wants to look like Iphone 6

  • James Theodore Retuya

    The front looks really good but the sides look like iphone 6.

    • steve

      They have their similarities for sure, but I think the M9 looks better. Metal unibody, placement of speakers and that full glass front…
      All phones are going to look nearly identical eventually.

  • Karly Johnston

    It looks like that Meizu phone.

  • crutchcorn

    Oh thank you lords at HTC! If this one is true.. I’d be over that like butter on bread

  • WestSiide

    Haven’t had an HTC since the Touch Pro 2. This might get me back to using their products again.

  • kozjegyzo

    Looks like a blasphemous baby of an SGS5 and an iPhone 6+ :D

  • ISH-3000

    I hope the M9 PRIME / ULTRA/ MAX PLUS won’t look too SAMSUNG-ish..

    Other than that I hope this device will available with the 1st Quarter – and maybe some good surprises like:
    *4Gb Ram,
    *waterproof and
    *Harman Kardon earbuds

  • Nizam Ismail

    Both look really good but that black bar really needs to go maybe the finger print sensor needs to be on the back

  • Nizam Ismail

    Htc please please come out With dual sim plus with CDMA /3g and 3g dual active just like the m7