Everybody have their T-Mobile USA G1 Cupcake update now?

by: Michael OrylMay 29, 2009

Android OTA feed meIt seems that a good percentage of folks on T-Mobile USA’s network have received their automatic over-the-air Cupcake updates by now – but still not everybody.

If you haven’t received your update yet, leave a comment below and tell us where you are located.

Update: Doesn’t seem to be geographically based, as we have some people/families with multiple phones reporting that one phone has received the update while another hasn’t.

  • dixiexking

    not yet… i’m in florida.

  • theo garrett

    Nope, still haven’t gotten the update. Hoping it will come soon tho.

  • sam

    Nothing here in Minneapolis

  • justin

    Come on cupcake! (Washingon DC)

  • Jon

    Still waiting in Chicago.

  • stephen sudbeck

    I saw somebody from MPLS has gotten their update, but neither my wife nor I have gotten ours… We’ll wait and see…

  • PB

    Haven’t received it yet & I’m anxious for it to hit my g1. I’m in Boston btw.

  • Joey

    Nope, I’m in Minneapolis, but my area code is Dallas. No cupcake yet.

  • Annie

    I live in Huntington Beach, California. Sill no update…

  • Jeremy

    I haven’t gotten it yet and I am in Chicago.

  • Jim

    I haven’t received my update in Cincinnati.

    I can understand the idea behind randomizing who gets the update when, however part of me can’t help but feel disappointed T-Mobile didn’t give preferences to long-time customers who bought a G1 when it was new on the market. Trying to avoid acting like a spoiled brat.

  • myrtlebeachbums

    Still nothing in Myrtle Beach.

    Give me my Cupcake and I’ll stop whining about no 3G in my area for at least a day or two. :)

  • Stephanie

    I am in Atlanta, and I still have not received it. I work for T-Mobile too, lol.

  • Chad S.

    763 area code (Minneapolis)…no v. 1.5.

  • VittyO

    One phone has it, the other doesn’t.

  • Dre

    Not yet in North Florida

  • Not yet.
    Louisville, KY

  • Amanda

    Nothing yet here in Gresham, Oregon.

  • Isaac Herrera

    I live in Buena Park, California and I still have not received my update. What gives!

  • t

    nope, not yet.. nashville,tn

  • bob

    San Jose, CA no update yet, it took a full month for the last rev to hit my phone, so i’m not expecting a fast update. Also was one of the pre-orders.

    the thing is that you would think they could oh i dunno enable a link on your account which you could hit when you were ready for the update and then make that link availble to a number of people at a specific time, or give them a schedule for example everyone who’s last name starts with A-C would get on these days or access from a link to have it sent to them, then just continue down the line then at least we’d have an idea of when it was coming to our phone rather than “i’ll just sit and wait by the phone in HOPES of getting the update”.

    Frankly tmobile sucks as a provider. As soon as another provider has a phone with similar specs and a flip out keyboard i’m moving (hopefully verizon, maybe sprint) not at&t though.

  • haven’t received mine yet. i’m in south florida. i know of at least one person down here who has received it though… just continuing to wait patiently…

  • greg

    Nothing doing in Chapel Hill, NC. Waiting for the new bluetooth profiles. Was excited to hear about the expansion of 3G to the area next year.



  • SB

    Not yet, NYC, NY

  • Miguel

    Not yet in Providence.

  • David

    No Cupcake here either….OKC, OK

  • Brian

    Noooooooo cupcake yet in oakland,ca I’m tired of waiting tmobile should be ashame for this

  • moospot

    no update for me in FL either.

  • astra

    I’m in San Francisco, without an update as yet.

  • tony

    Savannah Georgia. Not yet

  • BiggGame

    No cUpCaKe!!!!!! Maryland.

  • Jasmine

    I recieved mine two days ago but my friends have not gotten theirs yet…..CHICAGO!

  • I gave up and did it myself yesterday.
    Portland, OR

  • stephanie

    Nothing yet I’m in new jersey but my friend in ny already got his yesterday at 9 am…grrr.. where’s my cupcake?! Lol

  • xenophile

    No cupcake yet in Los Angeles (818)

  • andy

    My sister got hers today (she got her g1 about 3 weeks ago). I have not received mine yet…bought phone in december. We are both in portland, or

  • chupa4q2

    No update in Phoenix, Az???????

  • Galen

    Still waiting for the update in Lakeville, MN

  • julieology

    My husband got his (we both have G1s) whilst lying in bed within inches of me and my G1. I happened to fall asleep with mine in my hot little hands (which happens embarrassingly frequently, I must admit—and it is indeed my G1 that I speak of in my hands—nothing more sexy I’m afraid).

    Anyway, I live in Fort Worth TX area code 682 and I have not yet gotten my new firmware update yet. If Santa don’t get here soon, I am going to do it manually I suppose. Such not as fun, but whatever it takes, I suppose. (Such NOT FAIR either! I guess it was because I made the mistake of falling asleep. Man, I always feel a twinge of guilt when I fall asleep because I can think of gazillions of things to do. This pretty much seals my fate as a hyperinsomniac-for-life member, since my suspicion that things DO actually happen when I am asleep is obviously founded after all.)

    =/ -julieology

  • julieology

    PS Uhm besides the obvious, should any of my settings be different, beckoning the install to come my way? Or is there something that could cause mine not to work? (i.e. I’m connected to our wifi, etc.) It’s okay if no one responds…but would be great if someone took the time =) I plan on researching a bit once I finish a few things. Kind regards………..julie

  • droidgeek

    not yet, damnit. shouting very loudly from san francisco. ;)

  • lonz

    I’m in south jersey and received mine

  • kko

    Nope. Not yet (brooklyn, ny)

  • DRB

    I got mine today, wife’s phone right next to me did not get it yet. Las Vegas 702 Also my phone was purchased after hers.

  • Kyle Rose

    downloading now at 7:30 saturday morning in atl.

  • Doris Jones

    Did nor get it yet still waiting

  • Doris Jones

    I live in passaic NJ daugther got her but I did not love my phone. Please hurry with my update and by the way the phone is nice but it is bad as hell when you can not get singal at some point, nice but useless if you can not use when you want to. You need more tower please

    Thank You

    Doris Jones

  • Bruce Hutchinson

    My wife still hasn’t received the update yet. She has only had it for a week so that might have something to do with it.
    Dallas, TX

  • Bruce Hutchinson

    We have multiple phones btw.

  • Seven

    Do the manual update folks. Skill level required is NONE. Basically you just have to press two button simultaneously and thats it volla. I have my cupcake yesterday manually and i am in NY City.

  • Jonathan Pierre-Louis

    no update yet. Cambria heights, New York.

  • Bob Unger

    Not in SW Florida yet. Area code 239

  • enfermo

    my wife has an i’ve tried doin myself no luck pictures are lost etc.

  • enfermo

    o i stay in dallas, tx

  • i got my update at 530 am no onscreen keyboard … got video … pictures name changed to gallery … dont force close ne more

  • Remyr12

    I still haven’t received mine, although my hubby got his 3 days ago! He clicked on settings, system updates, and got it. It might be a coincidence that it arrived the same time he clicked those settings. I live in West Chester, PA.

  • contact25

    No update for me. Cpt cali 310

  • brittany

    Dony blame tmobile… its probably Google’s fault. They need to be organized with updates.
    I’m in houston… I think I’ll do it manually.

  • Maria

    I haven’t gotten mine, in California. But.. my boyfriend & his brother got theirs, wtf. >.<

  • kRiS

    nope still havent received it. i went to the T-Mobile store nearby and saw that one of the G1’s was updated to the Cupcake. im located in Los Angeles

  • Tee Rex

    No Go – Houston, TX [832]

  • Marilu

    I haven’t received it yet its may 31st…..La Joya, Tx.

  • cmowill

    As of 8:42 pm central time I just received my update. I haven’t had time to play around with it yet, but I quickly checked out the video camera and it works great. The onscreen keyboard is going to take some getting used to since I highly prefer the slide out keyboard. I will keep you guys posted. I am in the panhandle of Florida, but my number is a west coast number so I don’t know if that has something to do with it.

  • tiffany

    Austin tx, husband got his this morning, still waiting for mine and we’re on a family plan

  • Tonia

    Nope… Atlanta, GA. Everyone else I know in Atlanta has it already tho… they all got it the day it was released.

  • g_willi

    I just got my cupcake update this morning. I was thinking I was the last one, but I guess not.

  • eddie

    im in ny and still didnt get my update

  • nate

    My wife and I have had our G1’s for a couple months now. Bought both phones on the same day, from the same store, in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul market, which is the market we live in. My wife got her update [what feels like] AGES ago (probably, early-or-mid last week)… and I’m still anxiously awaiting my update! I just hope that when it does arrive on my phone, it isn’t missing the Google Talk client app–as is the case with my wife’s update. Is this normal??

  • Robert

    Allendale, MI

  • I live on the eastside of Atlanta and I have not received my cupcake update. My friend who also lives down the street got his update this past Friday while we were together at the gym pumping some iron! My cousin is at school at Kennesaw State and she didn’t get it but her friend got it already. Definately not location based!!!

  • jp

    I live on brownsville tx and haven’t gotten my update but know many ppl who have

  • Im in southern cali, in Santa Clarita, Ca & I have not recieved the new “cupcake” update on my g1 yet… and its already the beginning of june.. whats up with that??

  • why

    No update bronx, ny…My brother phone got the update and so did my boy…why not me g1 why?

  • Corey

    Portland Oregon 97123

  • Lance

    No cupcake uggggg I want a real video recored for my phone :[ and save apps to the card wdf I don’t get how other people get it. Btw I’m from San Jose Ca

  • jose

    In the bronx…nyc no update yet..

  • Chris

    No cupcake in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • edward willis

    No cupcake for me in bethel park, pa 15102 but my ex has hers.

  • dolt287

    June 1st. Still no cupcake for me in KC…

  • Dawn

    No update yet here in Lexington, Ky. Waiting patientally!!!! Only have had my G1 for @ weeks.

  • David Feeley

    I have two G1’s with two different numbers, one was updated about a week ago but nothing yet on mine, I’ve had mine since last year. I am in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Portland Oregon.

  • I’m located in colton, cali

  • karina

    No update..houston tx

  • wilm

    not yet… lexington ky

  • jim taylor

    Nope in california

  • Blanche

    I’m located in Macungie, Pennsylvania. My friend in Allentown, Pennsylvania already got his a on Friday Morning at 3am and he is just in the next town.

  • Josh

    Live in new braunfels tx

    Have not gotten it.

    cmon already!!

  • Nadia

    I still have not recieved my Cupcake Update!! It’s making me mad and real impatient.

    I live in Corona, California.

  • kellz

    I still didn’t get the update yet…I have been waiting for I don’t know how long now..I’m in new haven ct…I thought evryone should have the update by 2day what happened ???

  • Don

    No, in San Jose CA

  • Schmitz

    I live in CT, danbury area, my friend got the update… but not me..

    WHY :”””(

  • Lordane

    New York City, no cupcake yet, sucks

  • MC

    My wife got her’s today and I didn’t

  • sophia

    Bronx NY. Still haven’t gotten the cupcake update yet.

  • n

    I’m in new york city.
    Area code 10010.
    Nothing yet. My co-worker got hers this morning ib brooklyn.

    Want it soooo bad!

  • n

    I’m in new york city.
    Area code 10010.
    Nothing yet. My co-worker got hers this morning in brooklyn.

    Want it soooo bad!

  • jUiCi

    No Cupcake for me either. I’m in Memphis, TN. But my friend got his this past Saturday morning!

  • Well what’s funny I’m in Norfolk va but I originaly live in dc my sisters ight now in nothern virgina and she got the update yesterday but me being bout 180 miles away fm he n not o mention norrfolk dnt hav the 3g netwrrk out here either but could that be the reason I havnt gotten the update yet?

  • luis

    i havent gotten mine im in texas

  • Nick

    I’m here in Rhode Island and styll no cupcake, my buddy got his but I havnt, what’s up with that? =(

  • valerie

    my husband got his, and his co-worker.. and his sister about a week ago and i still haven’t received my update yet =(
    (los angeles)

  • kevin

    No update area code 510 Oakland CA

  • Brian

    I live in Los Angeles, Ca

    nothing yet

  • taffarel peixoto

    Taff from peabody,ma. In the boston area havnt goten it. I got my g1 a day before it came out and yet I guess that means nothing when updating aghhh!

  • railsnail

    Cupcake sucks!!! DO NOT GET if you value your G1!!!

    Wrong,you ask?

    No longer can control screen without opening keyboard!

    Apps don’t work

    Headphones don’t work

    Battery vampire

    Goofy unneeded animation in between functions

    Looking to uninstall today, cupcake is a flop!!!

  • Tonya

    No cupcake yet in PA

  • Mando


  • Angelica Velasco

    I have not received the update yet either,
    Gilbert, Arizona

  • stacy diane

    I’m here in Norfolk Virginia… my friends and my bf have the cupcake update… I don’t tho and they are making me mad with their awww sweet check this out ooooo look at the recorder hahaha they think their funny just wait till I get mine looool. Well hope I get it soon thanks

  • vontrapp

    Still no update :( Provo, UT

  • Aleah

    I havent got it yet either. my boyfriend did though…

    I WANT MY UPDATE NOW! lol =[

  • dylan lee

    No update yet in gresham oregon.. my friend has but I haven’t and mines newer…….. smooth system t-mobile

  • My girlfriend got cupcake on May22, but I haven’t yet (Jun 2). We’re both in Boston and got our phones at the same place, same time.

  • Vicky

    :( Husband got his, I still haven’t got mine. Family account. Lakeland, FL.

  • Cat

    Nope. Still impatiently waiting. Husband got his last week. We are in Metro-ATL.

  • Jerry

    Nothing yet her in miami,fl….I am about to just do it myself dam it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Genesis

    Anxious to get mine in Seattle. Everyone I know has already got theirs.

  • railsnail

    BTW, railsnail lives in chicago west suburbs.
    Anybody else hating cupcake right now?

  • C.W.

    Still haven’t got mines either…Columbus, Georgia

  • fknlevi

    Nope, San Antonio, TX

    But, my best friend got hers, I bought my G1 first. It’s not fair.

  • SB75

    Haven’t received it here in Philly….. :(…. Funny how many people are still waiting….Gesh!

  • dashaun

    call me android 1.1 nothing here yet 908

  • Dabz

    Still no update here in Rockland, NY

  • linsey

    i still havent gotten my update and im angry!!!!!!

    p.s. im near chicago



  • kristen

    Don’t have the update… friend got there’s 3 days ago… we’re both in Alexandria,Va… go figure? And I’ve been with T-Mobile longer?? Lol

  • John

    I live here in Azusa California. I recieved the update while I was on the G1 Marketplace, I thought a program I downloaded crashed because my G1 rstarted and then went to the installing mode I got it over Wifi

  • MNGirl23

    In central MN and still have not received the cupcake update. I even pre-ordered my phone. Plus I have been a tmobile customer for a long time. My co-worker who recently got a G1 received her up date this past weekend. I am a bit steamed. Not impressed with t mobile. Awaiting my cupcake in minnesota

  • tiffy

    Nothing yet =(


  • Mike

    In Phoenix AZ area code (480) and no update as of 6/2/09.

  • Jonathan Clarke

    Haven’t recieved mine yet either.Hartford,CT. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • TD

    Not here…Atlanta. GA

  • Brittney

    havent recieved mine…..chicago il

  • Damian

    I am Dorchester, MA and I still have not received the update and the other G1 on the account received there’s.

  • Rich

    As of this morning I had not yet received it but when I checked my System Updates (in settings > About Phone) it finally showed that the update was available. So I clicked download and after a half dozen or so attempts it finally started downloading.

    As I type it is performing the very long startup process (hopefully it is just this first one that takes so long).

  • Brett

    In michigan and it still hasnt came yet

  • mike

    I checked the settings menu as well and got the update…. I was really excited for this but uh… it doesn’t really add anything new.

  • andy

    Just got mine this am. Love it! I’ve been checking system updates like crazy for the past few days. Finally!

  • Ana

    Caribbean, Dominican Republic…all ma friends got their update but me, i tried to get the download thru System Update but its not working

  • mars

    Finally updating now… northern Virginia

  • Raj

    nope! im in NY.

  • Jonathan Clarke

    Finnaly!!!!!!!recieved it @ 2:30 in the morning

  • Terin

    Still haven’t received mine.. my bf got his this past monday!! Come on t-mobile!!!

  • tom

    I got the update and was having problems with the phone locking up a lot. T mobile sent me a new phone with out the update so I am waiting again.

  • David

    Got mine this Thursday. Where’s this virtual keyboard I heard about?

  • akuria

    i havent gotten mine yet either. i live in berkeley, ca. is there a way to force the update?

  • In Eastern Virginia, got mine via EDGE beginning of last week.

  • @David To get the Keyboard, tap (it might be tap and hold) the entry field anywhere you would normally enter text with the keyboard closed.

  • James

    I received a new G1 today after a mishap with my old G1 that I manually put Cupcake on. I installed my old simcard on the new G1 I received this morning and have not received an update yet.

  • Dave Daze no cupcake

    I’ve uninstalled all my apps thinking that’s wat causing the update delay but still nothing :( patiently waiting for cupcake in inglewood ca

  • DFwf02

    Na a thang…. Here in Fort Worth TX had my G! for 3 months now

  • gemma

    I’ve owned my phone since January, my friend who lives 3 streets over from me recieved his update last week.
    I’ve been shutting off and restarting my phone for the past 2 weeks… still nothing :(
    I’m in Rhode Island.

  • Elaine

    Still no cupcake for me. I am in Jersey and T-mobile filed a so called trouble ticket for me on the 7th of this month…and still nothing…i am very frustrated. I have had my G1 since February

  • shaquille

    no i havent yet gotten the cupcake update, and i live in pittsburgh pennsylvania

  • corey goodwell

    Please send me my cupcake update I leave in delray fl

  • jess

    Not yet. I’m in Boston and getting tired of waiting!!

  • noemi paz

    saaaadlyyy , i just got my g1 back today and no update here in Boston. Please help.

  • Will

    I just received my G1 today(ordered from Amazon). I know little about the phone. How do I know if I have “Cupcake”?

  • Go into settings, About, and look for the Firmware Rev. Cupcake is v1.5.x

  • JimboJones

    not yet, San Diego

  • Make Mathieu

    am in west palm beach florida still have not received it yet

  • Ben Leeser

    Just got my G1 today (not exctly an early adaopter, I know). Should the cupcake update be on NIB G1’s by now? I tried running ‘System Updates’ in the ‘About Phone’ section of ‘Settings’, and it says “Your system is currently up to date”. No onscreen keyboard, no video ability – unlike the demo at the TMO store, I might add. (THEIR phones all updated seamlessly. Of course) – That means no cupcake, right? What’s going on?

  • Nisse

    Nope not yet =( qrrrr Tampa fl but in Ruskin at the momment !!

  • Denna

    I just received my new g1 about 4days ago & I still haven’t gotten my “cupcake” update? My phone has the original g1 software, I want my update already :-(

  • I haven’t received my update either I’m in las vegas and this s#$% sucks I’m ready 2 go 2 at&t jus because

  • george wilson

    I’m not sure if I have cupcake on my g1.but for sure I know that my phone is unlocked.its a 1.6 firmwire.

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