Evernote gets hacked, resets passwords for 50 million users

by: Bams SadewoMarch 4, 2013


Having trouble accessing your Evernote account ? Here’s the explanation. As announced on its blog, Evernote said that it has suffered from a major security breach, making it the latest big-name tech companies to have been hit by such attacks.

The blog post explains that hackers have managed to steal Evernote user information, including “usernames, email address associated with Evernote accounts, and encrypted passwords”. The cross-platform note-sharing company said that the encryption is robust enough and that no payment information was accessed, but they have taken a precaution measure of resetting the passwords for its 50 million users.

To protect your weekly grocery list – among other sensitive information – from falling into the hands of unwanted parties, you can create your new password by signing into your account on Evernote website. If you have any of Evernote apps on your Android device – chances are you do – it’s best to head to Google Play to update them to the latest version. You’ll be prompted to create a new password from within the app itself.

In case you need some password inspiration, Evernote has posted some tips, such as don’t use simple words that you can find on the dictionary, and to avoid using the same password on multiple websites.

  • Gideon Setyabudi Salim

    I changed mine this morning even before I read this article :)