EverDock promises to be the last dock you’ll ever need

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 18, 2013


Buying a new phone or tablet can be exciting. Forking over another $50 or so for a new dock sometimes isn’t. Accessories can be hard to get hold of, and almost never translate to a new device, even a product upgrade. The team at FUZ has a great solution, though: Everdock, a dock that works with any mobile device.

Utilizing aircraft grade aluminum, FUZ has designed a dock that looks as great as it promises to work. The concept is simple, too: run the power cord under the device, and a holster holds the Micro USB or lightning connector in place. The EverDock also sticks to the surface you put it on via “micro-suction”, so it can literally go anywhere.

For those with multiple devices, there is also the EverDock duo, which — you guessed it — houses two devices. By supplying your own power source, it won’t matter if you have an iPad and Nexus, a Kindle and an iPhone, or any other combination of devices; EverDock doesn’t discriminate.

The team at FUZ is near their $50,000 goal, with 28 days to go. With options from $39 (single dock) to $299 ( six docks!), it’s hard not to back this campaign. The team is also teasing stretch goals, so keep an eye on the campaign for further news.

  • Steve R

    Might be good to have if the connector doesn’t push through when it’s being connected.

  • Luke Spencer

    $69 retail price? They are in cuckoo land.

    • Ivan Myring

      $69 kick starter. It might be more at proper retail

      • Christian Anker

        Actually, the early bird kickstarter is $39, they say it’s a reduced price from the planned $69 retail price.

  • raj


  • Jess Gibson

    So the problem I have with this is the same problem I have with my current universal dock. The bottom of my GNexus is curved and if I interface with it while docked it rocks and disconnects. Yeah, maybe the micro usb on my phone is getting worn but its kind of annoying to have it constantly disconnecting from my computer. This dock looks cool but I’m weary when the phone rests on the plug. Maybe they address this, I dunno.

  • Ace

    Cool! Sound good.

  • matt_helm

    From the list about, it doesn’t work with the ASUS tablet, which is a mobile device, so, no it doesn’t work with every mobile device!

  • Quryous

    But, like all the others, it only works in portrait mode.

    What about us movie watchers, who only want to dock it in landscape mode?

    Not worth the money, as usual.


  • The best dock I have found is using the golf tee game that you see at Cracker Barrel.

    Moving the tee’s around, I can position my phone any way I want it.

    Give it a try.