Possible European prices of Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 leak out

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 15, 2014


Caschys Blog, a source with several solid leaks to its name, published screenshots purportedly showing the German prices of Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, as well as their storage configurations.

The screenshots allegedly show the internal inventory systems of German electronics retailer Media Markt/Saturn, and as such should not be taken as official word. Still, the prices don’t seem too far-fetched and given their source, we tend to trust their accuracy.

It’s important to note that Media Markt’s prices of the 2013 Nexus 5 were around 50 euro higher than on Google’s Play Store, so it’s likely that the prices listed here are higher as well.

Also, European prices are typically higher than prices in the US in converted dollars. For instance, the Nexus 5 16GB is 349 euro ($440) in Germany and $349 in the US.

With these words of caution out of the way, here’s the good stuff:

Nexus 6 prices

Motorola-Nexus-6 prices leak

  • Nexus 6 32GB Black: 569 euro
  • Nexus 6 32GB White: 569 euro
  • Nexus 6 64GB Black: 649 euro
  • Nexus 6 64GB White: 649 euro

If this leak is accurate, Nexus smartphones will be available with 64GB of storage for the first time. Also, it’s good to see Google moving away from the 16GB option, which is inadequate for most users these days.

Nexus 9 prices

HTC-Nexus-9 price leak

  • Nexus 9 LTE 32GB Black: 569 euro
  • Nexus 9 LTE 32GB White: 569 euro
  • Nexus 9 WiFi 32GB Black: 489 euro
  • Nexus 9 WiFi 32GB White: 489 euro
  • Nexus 9 WiFi 16GB Black: 399 euro
  • Nexus 9 WiFi 16GB White: 399 euro

Assuming that our assumptions are correct (1 euro = 1 dollar, prices are 50 euros higher than in the Play Store), the Nexus 6 could start from about $500 in the US, while the Nexus 9 could start from around $350.

This however is just our guess, and we should find out the real deal in just a few hours!

  • Auch :/

    • patrick plante

      You can say that again. No more cheap nexus phones.

      • ouch!

        I’ll say it one more time, OUUUCCHHH :-/

        • Vincent Valdez


  • Keepie Uppie

    Any ideas how much it’d be in the UK?

    • Jack Parker

      Yeah i just posted it

    • Hugh

      I’d guess for £399 for N6 and £229 for N5

  • Jack Parker

    £317.33 for the 16gb Nexus 9 Which would probably be around £349 after tax
    £451.62 for the 32gb nexus 6 which would probably be around £499 after tax ( using google now )

    Which is just TOO expensive for nexus devices, Ill be sticking with my OPO and Nexus 7 2013

    • wat

      Yeah those prices are STUPID as shit. It is a NICE phone but I am not paying £500 when I can get shit from China that is the same for less (i.e. Lenovo phone which is 6″ 2k)

    • xibg

      They sell the Nexus 5 32GB model for £500 at three stores in the UK so I wont be surprised if the actual price on google play is much less than out of this third party store..

    • Bailey

      No they are not to expensive for Nexus devices you have been spoilt for 2 years.
      look at the spec list on the Nexus 6 its everything that hard core Android users have been asking for but when it comes along everyone expects it to be cheap and cost £299 go buy any phone sim free with those specs and come back with a price. The build quality is top and the internals are top. The design and specs of the nexus 9 is quality.

  • michael Wainwright

    they releasing all the info today?? if so can we watch the key not or not ? exciting stuff lol

    • Rory Holliday

      there’s probably not going to be any sort of press meeting or anything…no one has mentioned anything about a press meeting/keynote or anything….but you never know

  • Brandon G

    guess i wont be getting the nexus 6 then. seems like a lot.

    • jrop

      Seriously, the competitive prices of the Nexus line was why I liked it so much in the first place. If this is true, it seems to be a major drift away from the Nexus philosophy. Note, however, that the Nexus 5 hasn’t gone out of stock or on any sales in the Play Store (unlike last year: the Nexus 4 saw a few price slashes and then went out of stock). I’m calling it: the Nexus 5 is going to at least stick around for another year, or maybe even see a refresh (wouldn’t that be sweet!).

      • Brandon G

        would be awesome! but yeah i believe a lot of people are going to be sticking with the nexus 5.

        • PurelyConservative

          A refresh would be great!! And even though I like the idea of a 5.9″ device I would be quite satisfied with a 5.2″.

          • Brandon G

            i dont mind the 5.9! i think its awesome!

          • PurelyConservative

            Most definitely, my wife and kids, think that phablets are stupid, but I love the idea of an all in one device. If you (general populace you, not you specifically Brandon) don’t like holding a phablet up to your head, get a bluetooth earpiece.

          • Brandon G

            well never held one but im sure it wouldnt bother me. phablets ftw!!!!

      • mLogician

        Nexus 5 is out of inventory on play store.

        • jrop

          That’s just the 16GB models, the 32GB ones are listed as “in stock”

      • Anonymous

        They made Android One on purpose, it will only be very low prices (Android One) or very high prices (Nexus) from now on I guess.

      • Justin M. Morris

        I just came from the Play Store and the 16 GB for the Nexus 5 is out of inventory for all colors. The 32 GB in all colors were still in stock though.

      • Ant_Knee

        What is the Nexus philosophy? Where did Google or any of the OEM partners officially state what this philosophy is? There is none, so stop talking out of your ass. The Nexus line is a developers line. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon because they were cheap with good specs. I for one have no issue paying more for a high end developers phone. You teenage and 20-something year olds can enjoy your cheap phones. At least with you losers out of the way, there wont be so much of an issue on launch day to order one. jerkoffs.

  • Euro price is Hight but I’ll still buy it…

  • romil

    Any idea how much it will cost in India ?

    • Raheem

      Around 45000 mark! probably more but not less!

  • Guest

    Well… 569€ ≈ 700$

    • Jan

      But it is usually like the author said. The Nexus 4 8GB was 299€ and 16GB was 349€. Nexus 5 was 349€ and 399€. I think it’s because the US price doesn’t include the tax, at least that’s what I heard. But if those prices are real I don’t think I’ll get a phone this year and my N4 has to serve another year

      • Guest

        I know, but I’m talking for European price. It will be cheaper in America, but not in Europe.

        • jokky

          That makes me angry. Why we europeans have to pay more for everything? Are we some kind of bank? NO

    • Demonstration

      Android Silver prices. IMO the US prices will be around $600 like all other devices with no contract.

  • Stas

    If it will cost 569 euro, I’ll better buy huawei ascend mate 7 which costs 500 euro and has incredible battery capacity.

  • hacker mico

    price point is the key sale of nexus device and if nexus cost more than $400 for 32gb that would be over price.

  • Kacho_ON

    I’m getting it, hyped for a premium Nexus, don’t mind the price. I paid 530€ for my Galaxy nexus when it came out.

    • Rory Holliday

      exactly..finally someone here who is making sense

  • wat

    4:3 can suck my dick too, I am not buying that crap however cheap it is. Go to hell HTC.

    • Brandon G

      dudes its made by motorola cmon now its been months already smh.

      • wat

        u wot. The fucking article is called NEXUS 6 AND NEXUS 9 PRICES LEAKED

        • Brandon G

          no shit! your point?

          • pointing

            His point I believe is that the Nexus 9 tablet is made by HTC. Motorola are only making the Nexus phone.

          • Brandon G

            well yes we all know that as well. but most people are excited about the nexus 6 and android L

          • pointing

            OP’s reference to 4:3 and HTC indicates that he is criticising the Nexus 9 for its alleged screen ratio and HTC for making a 4:3 tablet. You first response, about Motorola, to the OP makes no sense in relation to what the OP said, hence OP responded, admittedly a little bit strongly, that, as heading of article is about both Nexus devices he was entitle to speak about the HTC device.
            All just a misunderstanding really as far as I can see.

          • wat


          • MJ

            the nexus 9 is made by HTC. Poster was referring to Nexus 9 not nexus 6.

          • wat

            My point being I was talking about the Nexus 9 which is half the article

    • huh

      Someone’s a little pretentious

  • Demonstration

    Looks like they won’t have a 5.2 version of the n6. =(

  • Gaspar Oliveira

    not getting it then

  • interstellarmind

    Wow, way too expensive, way too big – first misstep by Google with the Nexus program. Will wait for next year’s Nexus offerings.

  • Tyerlo

    I’d say moto droid turbo would be nice to have in Europe. Almost nexus phone with that phat battery. 5.2 inch and perfect upgrade for nexus 5 and oneplus one imo.

    • dafuq

      Yea, Droid Turbo in Europe would be awesome!

  • Vincent Valdez

    What are they doing to the nexus line… I have a g3, this shouldve been the n6, not this shit..

  • GasPoweredCat

    much too expensive

  • Goos

    If you compare Nexus 6 with iCrap 6+, the Nexus 6 is about 50% cheaper and it has much better hardware and software.
    It’s also almost 50% cheaper than Galxy Note 4.
    It’s an excellent phablet, with a great QHD screen, monster specs and a fair price.

    • Mare

      R u on drugs???? Its to expensive for Nexus line, we all know that Nexus line is for true Google experience, not for Google to make money on hardware. Google messed up something in their user policy.

      • Goos

        Too expensive for the Nexus line ??? Then what about the Galaxy Nexus that was 530 euros with a very small screen ?

        • Ris84

          Classic trolling noob!

        • Endaeias

          I think some people fail to understand that Google is trying to step away from just “cheap devices” with the Nexus line. The Nexus 6 is still fairly cost-effective, in my opinion, considering I paid £730 for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (last year’s “flagship”).

          • James

            That should be the case with android silver NOT nexus..

          • Endaeias

            I agree; although, Android Silver hasn’t officially launched internationally as of yet. Nexus is still the “entry point” for Android users from the majority of the world (except for India).

          • Guest

            Im an ifag

    • Sumitro Bhaumik

      We are not here to compare Nexus phones. We see the phones as they are. It’s a bit overpriced as of now. Let’s see if the price is justified after the launch

  • Goos

    If you want a very good phone at an afordable price, you can buy a Nexus 5, that will continue to sell at around 300 euros.

  • Ris84

    In Serbia for 510 euros you can buy Xperia Z3, or S5 with warranty, iphone 6 is 670 euro new.. OMG nexus.. What happened to you??? Bye,bye nexus..

    • Goos

      Where did you see an iCrap 6 in Serbia at 670 euros ? Did you mean 870 euros ? Or maybe it’s a counterfeit chinese copy ?

    • circleio

      The Z3 looks good on paper but do you know just how fragile it is? Already there are plenty of examples online (incl. YT) where it’s been dropped once (v.slippery) and the screen has shattered instantly. We’re talking seriously short drops.

  • Rickard Olsson

    Oh shit! Too much for me! :(

  • kili

    it’s the maket price, the google play price will be less than that

  • Chris Davis

    So we’re back to Galaxy Nexus prices then…

  • Leo Kanellopoulos

    so i would be ordering one plus today =P

  • pytajnik

    too expensive, Nexus series offers no additional features. giving a fact that it’s an enormous and overpriced device, I doubt it’s gonna be successful.

  • Sean

    People are getting way to cheap. These prices would put this phone well below the competition, but with better specs. It’s worth the price right there and then you get the added bonus of pure Android. This device is a winner. Both are.

  • Madness as well.

    If these prices will prove to be real, the Nexus series will lose most of its loyal fans.

    Bad, very bad dear Google.

  • trx

    If you compare European or, more specifically, German prices please remind that retail prices always include VAT (19% for Germany). So the comparable price of the 399€ Nexus 9 goes down to 335€ which translates to ~$424 in the US.

  • philosopher_Mk

    Here we go, no one really want a nexus, everybody is buying a nexus because of its price, no for the software, no because is fastest android phone but because of that fucking price.

    If there was htc,or samsung logo on it everyone will buy it (with same specs and stereo speakers), but for the nexus its magically to much.

    Well, go f**k yourself you nexus “fans”, go buy a laggy samsung.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Getting the Note 4 international version instead……

    Come on Nexus 6… Change my mind!! Otherwise, all those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain! :-D

  • marhensa

    LMFAO… that’s a joke.
    Oneplus One all the way, if that price is true.

  • José A. Medina

    guess that QUAD HD display brought the price so high… a 1080×1920 would be just fine for me.

  • Rotem

    If I ever thought the Nexus 6 is too big for me and there is no reason to upgrade it cause my Nexus 5 is still rocking, now I have 1 more reason to NOT buy it. Maybe in a few years..

  • Mike az

    I’ll definitely be paying whatever it costs. Probably the sixty four GB. I loved the five and I have the one but the six is replacing the one for sure. I for one am.excited for a bordering on 6″ screen .

  • Dave

    $500 seems great value to me. Dont know what people are complaining about. Remember its made by Motorola, so the components should be better quality, like good camera, which wasn’t great in the N5, and a good mic, which was terrible in the N5.

    • dafuq

      But in Europe your good 500$ changes to freaking 500 Euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      500 Euro is a lot.

    • Aditya Gupta

      The price is in Euros, If you convert it to USD then it comes up to around $640

  • VikrAm BharAdwaj

    Too much innit? *Ali G*

  • regs

    Assumption above is incorrect. 1 euro = 1,27 us dollars. But those prices includes VAT that is 19% in Germany. So rounding it makes it looks like US prices. US doesn’t have VAT, it has state-dependent Sales Tax, which, for that reason, is not included in prices. You have to add it manually. Some states, through, have it flat at 0%. Those states hosts many online retailers.

  • moe1903

    Buying a Nexus device from Saturn & Media Markt in Germany is way more expensive as buying them on the play store

  • Jack Parker

    I will add something actually, I previously said that that prices were too high, which is right. BUT If this is a online/instore retailer then the prices will be higher. So I think, lets say take off 10-20% when it comes direct from the google play store

  • Blaze De Assassin

    If its gonna be expensive, it better have a micro sd card slot, or I’m going for the note 4

  • opo win on this one

    haha, 649 euro for 64gb ? thats like around 820 in us dollar plus tax is like 900++, if this price is true u can go Fcuk urself nexus 6, i stick with my opo

  • Eden Xu

    hmmm, i wish it’s $450….maybe maximum $500. Sigh, plz google keep it low

  • Lockmuckman

    These prices are probably of “MediaMarkt” and “Saturn” in Germany. At the beginning they were always about 50 euros more expensive than in the PlayStore! (Nexus 4, Nexus 5)

  • Bas

    These prices are too high to be true for a nexus

  • Gaspar Inostroza Perez

    People be like “too expensive for a Nexus”, Nexus are real phones you know, with high-end specs and of good quality. Besides, you get that stock Android experience, faster updates, longer device support, the best dev-community support. You buy a Nexus to own a NEXUS. And even then, it’s still cheaper than other bloated high-end devices.
    Yes, the devices are more expensive than last year, but I bet the quality is also much better. If you don’t like it, just buy another phone. My next device will be a Nexus, no doubt about that.

  • Aditya Gupta

    Bye bye Nexus, Hello Blackberry!

  • VanillaLover

    Moto X 2nd Gen for me, Nexus has gotten too big for my hands.

  • ArbeitMachtFries

    Well worth the cost; please, take my money!

  • Steven Morris

    Its 649 for the 64gb and 569 for the 32. But those are prices for Europe. No official pricing has been released for the states, 649 is about 509 euros. so it will probably be about 499 for the 64gb model. 569 is about 444 euro so the 32gb model will be about 449.

  • Martin

    I really hope the UK prices aren’t this high.

    Less than £400 for the 32GB Nexus please. £380 will be my “go” price.

  • Hf

    You have to rember that all european prices have to be specified including taxes. So 569 euro (19 % tax means rougly 480 € without taxes) would roughly equal a 610 $ US price tag, which is not that far off from the 650 $ price tag currently in speculation.

  • Reudig

    It is only logical how these prices come to be:

    Such high prices for flagship devices are fairly common when looking at manufacturers like Sony, Samsung or LG. To be honest: their flagships are even more expensive! And those phones sell! If they wouldn’t prices be alot cheaper.

    For a company like Google (or Motorola) this is a perfect chance to catch up. they can offer similar devices considering specs and lower the price by merely 100 bucks and boom! –> alot cheaper than the competition. but still expensive enough to profit alot.

    If expensive flagships wouldn’t sell for over 600$ most phones would be alot cheaper, but since they sell kinda well it is only logical that every company out there is trying to be closely competetive and making a similar profit.

  • Jamie Adeola

    1 euro = 1.28 us dollars. €569 = $724

  • LOL

    I love my nexus 5, it is still very good. But not sure about 6: I dislike its design, I and the price is far too high for nexus device. Not buying it for sure.

  • Guest

    Just give those devices some space to “breath” …and sell.
    In 3-4 months time it will bedown 100-200 euro/dollars down. Pretty sure.

  • @ndrio

    Just give those devices some space to “breath” …and sell.
    In 3-4 months time it will be down 100-200 euro/dollars each.

  • Laurentiu

    Google Play Germany:
    Nexus 9 WiFi 16GB – 389€ (2-3 weeks)
    Nexus 9 WiFi 32GB – 479€ (2-3 weeks)
    Nexus 9 LTE 32GB – 559€ (coming soon)

    • Guest

      … and some print screens

  • Biskvit

    I still own Nexus 4 and don’t even consider changing it. Personaly, I think phones with 6 ” are too big to be useful. Also it’s confirmed that Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 will get update to Android L. My phone never had lag, and I think his specs(Quad core 1,5 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB) are more than enough for anything out there in google play store(unless Android L fucks things up). Sure It would be nice to upgrade to Nexus 5 but I never had problems with any app or game that needs better specs (and Nexus 5 camera is same as Nexus 4 – 8 Mpx). Problem with price difference between Nexus4,Nexus5 and now Nexus 6 are probably because of the manufacturer. Nexus 4 and 5 are made by LG, and Nexus 6 is made by Motorola.