European LG G2 will feature wireless charging through separate case

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 16, 2013

LG's latest 5.2 inch display claims to pack more than 6 million pixels into it, making it one of the most advanced displays out there.

Ahead of the launch of the G2, LG announced that its latest flagship would roll out to hundreds of carriers from around the world by October. And indeed, the impressive 5.2-inch device has already been put up for pre-order by a number of European and North American retailers, while the largest US carrier, Verizon put up a sign-up page for the device.

There’s a small thing to know, though – Verizon will get an exclusive version that supports wireless charging. While we’re a bit confounded about LG’s decision to offer such a desirable feature to a single carrier in a single market, it looks that at least the European users of the LG G2 will be offered an alternative. According to Pocket-lint, LG confirmed that G2 owners in Europe will be offered an optional case that supports wireless charging.

Clearly, using a case to support wireless charging isn’t optimal, or even feasible for many users, but, it’s better than nothing. It’s not clear for now whether or not LG will sell the wireless charging case for the G2 in more markets. Also, Verizon’s exclusivity on the built-in model might be temporary, though we wouldn’t hold our breath on it.

  • K.

    I don’t like it when a manufacturer offers options to only one carrier but I can understand it. What I do not understand is that the option is not available in all the markets. LG can keep their phone and I’ll keep my money!

    • melhiore

      Yeah… More and more little factors pushing me to Galaxy S4…

    • abazigal

      I don’t understand it either. What exactly do they gain by restricting a feature to a single telco? Are they being paid to do this?

  • Paul K Deuster

    I am suspious of this wireless charging case. Wireless charging is a nice feature, but using a special case to avoid to plug a micro USB cable in, seems just like a advantage if you like the case. I would hate to be bound to a special case if I want to use wireless charging

    • 007harvey

      Same with S4 you have to buy a seperate case

  • jin

    I got the LG g2 so happy about it

  • Eddy

    For users interested primarily in specs and hardware, the G2 has plenty to offer. But for most smartphone shoppers, this phone is going to have a tough time standing out in the crowded menu of enticing Android options.