Google Play Games platform official thanks to Eufloria HD update

by: Brad WardMay 15, 2013

Google I/O

Google Play Games was confirmed ahead of Google I/O just a few days ago thanks to an APK teardown, and now we have more evidence that Google is working on a Game Center-like platform thanks to an update to a unique and popular Android game called Eufloria HD.

By taking a peek in the “What’s New” tab, you’ll notice that the update states that it now has support for Google Play Games Achievements. The changelog also says that you’ll be able to sync those achievements with your Google+ profile and share them with your circles. Let’s just hope there’s an opt-in and opt-out setting for this, as I’m not sure the people in my circles want to know when I have completed an achievement.

There’s no doubt we’ll hear more about how this all works in just a few minutes here when the Google I/O keynote begins. Are you excited to hear more about Google’s Play Games service?

  • MasterMuffin

    Google’s own game center :)

  • Clem_Kos

    How to get acces? Any application exist for this Google Play Service?

  • Biavela

    Modern Combat 4 was updated too for achievments and leaderboards