ESET releases Mobile Security for Android – but are users ready to pay the $10?

by: Gary SimsMay 7, 2012
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stolen phoneESET has released a new security product for Android that includes anti-malware protection, SMS/MMS antispam, call blocking, and anti-theft features, to help you locate or block your device if it becomes lost or gets stolen. Sounds impressive, but there is a small problem – the price. The app costs $9.99, which is a lot for a mobile app. However there is a 30 day trial so you can try the app before parting with your money!

The anti-theft features, which are reminiscent of Apple’s “Find My iPhone” service, are comprehensive, including support for SMS commands that can be sent to your mobile to lock the device or wipe it completely. There are also GPS functions that help locate the device, again activated by SMS.

However, the reliance on SMS messages could be a weakness, as, surely, the first thing any would-be theft would do is remove the SIM card. To combat this, ESET Mobile Security has a SIM matching feature that sends a text message to a trusted friend if an unknown SIM card is inserted. For tablet users (without GSM and SMS messaging) most of these features aren’t available.

On the anti-virus front, ESET says that the app has a new behavior-based detection system which warns you of any suspicious activity. Also, all the apps, files, folders, and SD memory cards are continually scanned for trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, spam, and other types of attacks.

You can download ESET Mobile Security for Android, both on smartphones and tablets, directly from the Google Play Store.

What do you think? Are you prepared to pay $10 for such an app? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

  • Mei

    ESET antivirus software is one of the best out there (way better than Synantec & McAfee). $10 maybe sound a lot but is well worth if it makes android more secure.

  • Uzunoff

    Paying 10 is much cheaper than paying 30$ per year for Norton. Besides with Android I can buy it once and install it on all my Android devices

  • Jaonea

    cerberus? dafuq

  • The Supervisor

    bah, i used the beta and it was great but avasts is free and has all of the same if not more features. i thought they abandoned it because the beta never got updated.

  • William

    I never cared for Norton. Avast is my favorite.