Epic Raiders: Anime inspired fantasy gaming at the swipe of a finger

by: Joshua MunozJanuary 5, 2013

get-it-on-google-playSometimes you just need to do something epic, right? Well, fortunately, an epic adventure lays in the palm of your hand (or hands, if you choose a tablet) in the form of Epic Raiders.

Epic Raiders puts you in control of some staples of the fantasy genre (the knight and priest, to start), battling hordes of enemies, building out talent tress, acquiring ever better armor for the upcoming task, and doing so will full touch control.

Join me after the break to see Epic Raiders in action.

  • looks like a battleheart clone to me

    • Traian

      it’s pretty similar, true. i came here to say this :D

  • tk

    “talent TREES”