Entry-level Google Nexus 7 hinted again, “has not yet been announced”

by: Chris SmithNovember 3, 2012

When the first rumors broke out that Google would introduce a 32GB Nexus 7 model, many people assumed that Google would be keeping the 8GB an 16GB models in place, with the former to be sold at just $99.

A $99 Google Nexus 7 tablet would definitely be a great competitor for the competitors’ iPad mini and entry-level Kindle Fire model, but Google did not keep the 8GB version around – in case you don’t know, Google made official the new Nexus devices just recently, 32GB 7-inch tablets included.

But does that really mean that Google isn’t ready to sell the Nexus 7 for just $99? According to Digitimes Research James Wang, an entry-tablet model is still in the cards for the company:

Since Google has prepared a full-range of tablet products, Wang believes the company’s entry-level Nexus tablet, that has not yet been announced, will have the strongest influence on its competitors.

That’s all the information Digitimes provides on this yet-to-be-unveiled device, and considering the publication’s questionable track record on such rumors you shouldn’t get all too excited yet.

However, the same analyst predicts that Google will sell 19 million of Nexus units next year, or around “50% of non-Apple tablet shipments.”

No matter how many tablets Google sells next year, it will be interesting to see what Nexus model users will like better now that various versions are going to be available in stores, and yes, we’re counting the Samsung Nexus 10 too.

Would you buy a $99 Nexus 7 even if that meant compromising on storage?

  • SuyashSrijan


  • Alex Murphy

    I wouldn’t, but hundreds of millions of people around the globe would.

  • mintslice

    As someone passionate about tech, I want a little more, but I know a lot of people who would be more than satisfied with it, and they wouldn’t even notice if it was never updated either.

  • daveloft

    Terrible idea. Different version of the Nexus 7 would just cause confusion. Go with a slightly smaller screen and call it the Nexus 6, then you’d have something.

  • I would definitely buy that. Only using 3.6 GB of 32 GB on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Azure

    Absolutely. I can access all my ‘storage’ needs through Dropbox or Google Drive. No need for additional storage.

  • Nelson

    Yes and definitely! It’s a good purchase with that kind of price. My wife would be happy placing one permanently in the kitchen work area. She loves using youtube and googling looking for recipes and I get to enjoy all her cooking. With this price, I’ll get 2, the second for my casual use. Storage is never an issue anymore with Dropbox, Box and some may other providers.

  • lbrfabio

    My guess: 7″ 8GB with Galaxy Nexus’s CPUGPU
    Maybe same resolution but with less quality?

    This would be the real reason behind the dropping of the Nexus 7 8GB

  • HELL YES……..FOR MY WIFE AND KID!!!!!! This would free up the playbook and iTouch.

  • Indra Tjahyana

    $99 16GB nexus 7 with same specs but the storage?? how it even possible when the cost of the LCD screen for nexus 7 is $170?

  • It’s good to have a choice. A tablet for every budget. That’s how you kill competition. ;-)

  • My $199 Tegra 3 powered Nexus 7 shows I have a keen eye for value, a $99 Nexus would show I need to get off the crack pipe, and get a job.

  • I’d like it because it would be perfect for my small kids to use.

  • goggleDev

    you all talk like your in the know about price and performance its pure pish! the same phones come out with the same basic minimum hardware to run the rom its built for and support for the next the phone!! what you pay 300$ for was probably built at cost value for 30$ if that, so a 170$ screen because you bought like a million of them becomes a 20$ screen get the idea? if you were actually getting your moneys worth from the company and they were really pushing the boundaries of technology instead of dragging it along slowly we would have the power of quadcore pc’s in our pockets instead of the windows 95 1200 mhz and 128mb ram we have atm