Endless Jabber SMS – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyJuly 24, 2014

What is Endless Jabber SMS?

Endless Jabber SMS is a protocol that allows you to sync your text messages to your computer and tablet to help ease the strain on your phone. You use the application on the various platforms and you can send and receive texts from your computer, laptop, or tablet instead of your phone and thus gives you more options to communicate in that medium.

The app uses web browsers to sync your text messages across devices. This is done by installing the application on your phone and then going to https://www.EndlessJabber.com/web on your tablet or computer. The site will ask you to log in using your Google account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see your text messages from within the web browser, send texts, and even receive texts. If you’re a user of Chrome browser, there is also an extension you can pick up.

That’s really it. The online interface is a tad simplistic but frankly do you really need a lot of pizzazz for a text message web interface? The app comes in free and pro flavors. The basic app features are present in the free version so you can still send and receive texts but some of the more advanced features are in the pro version only which is a month-to-month subscription service.

Endless Jabber SMS

Use your web browser to answer texts.

  • You can send/receive texts on pretty much anything that can access the internet using a web browser.
  • High degree of compatibility and it's cross platform capable.
  • The core features are free while the advanced features are paid: the way it should be.
  • Still sends texts via your phone so there is no weird protocol that can gum up the works.
  • Integration with EvolveSMS.
  • MMS support.
  • The web interface is a little simplistic. We would've liked to have seen some themes or more layout options.
  • Some features, like checking to see whether or not the phone is charging (not checking the battery percentage, but see if it's actually charging), don't really seem necessary.
Overall, this is a pretty decent application. Users have reported a high degree of compatibility and not all that many issues. It’s new so there’s still time to find some bugs but overall it appears as though this application is capable of delivering a positive experience. If you’re trying to sync your texts and want to try something new, why not this one?
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  • Daniel Silva

    Airdroid does that already.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    What are the advantages of this over PushBullet which does way more?

    • JosephHindy

      I don’t know where I said it was better than PushBullet. This is just another option.

      • Patrick Sullivan

        I wasn’t trying to imply you were comparing them. When reading this I thought of PushBullet as PB does a similar thing with the text messages plus sends over other notifications. I was just wondering if there was an advantage of using Endless Jabber SMS over PushBullet.

        • Marius Dornean

          This app allows you to do way more than what pushbullet will. You can view your message history, search you messages, view all your conversations, view a gallery and share your mms images, view analytics about your messages, and much more. It’s a fully equipped solution for managing your sms Messaging whereas the pushbullet one is very limited. Also the app is integrated with EvolveSMS like pushbullet to give you more features.

        • JosephHindy

          I guess the major advantage would be simplicity. PushBullet is a lot like an OEM skin. It gets the job done and it has a bunch of features but whether or not those features are actually useful depend on your use case. This is more like stock Android. Less features but more streamlined and easier to use.

  • Marius Dornean

    There are more themes available in the pro version. You can sign up for a free 7 day trial.

  • Zeon

    I guess these apps are only trying to copy Airdroid. And I think their are failing. Airdroid is quick and simple to use and from what I’ve seen it has a lot more features.

    • Marius Dornean

      Different goals entirely.

      • Zeon

        What I was trying to say is that it is useless to have airdroid an endless when airdroid is a fairly complete phone management app and endless only focuses on messaging. It’s more effective to have one app that does it all than 5 individual apps for every feature. At least, this is my opinion.

        • Marius Dornean

          Zeon, I understand and respect your opinion as it is very grounded based on your needs.

          From my point of view there is a notable difference which prompted me to say ‘different goals’ and leads me to disagree that it is useless to have both Airdroid and EndlessJabber running side by side; in my opinion they are complimentary based on your needs.

          Please, let me explain. Airdroid is an app that runs on your phone which does an excellent job at providing a lot of features with a certain level of functionality. It very memory intensive and, as you point out, would be impractical to leave on 24/7 just for 1/5th of its feature set.

          An app specifically designed to run in the background at all times, to keep its memory and CPU footprint extremely small, be very power conscious to limit battery usage, and provide extremely specialized features around remote SMS is really just an extension of the features found in Airdroid.

          EndlessJabber was developed to specialize in remote SMS and targets an audience which seeks more, specialized functionality, than what already exists in Airdroid; it is a service with a huge server back-end component, the app itself is very minuscule relative to the offering, providing this level of functionality in Airdroid just wouldn’t make sense for this particular purpose.

          EndlessJabber provides very specific features around SMS that Airdroid does not:

          -A chrome/firefox extension that you can install on your computer to get instant notifications when messages arrive and even reply to
          -A tablet app so you can respond from a tablet
          -XMPP connectivity so you can connect XMPP clients such as trillian and pidgin and even games such as counter-strike (yes, you can even text from inside a game)
          -Charts and graphs providing analytics
          -The ability to link multiple phones to one account
          -The ability to act as a backup solution (perfect in case you buy a new phone and need to transfer over messages or just keep them online), etc…
          -Ability to mark messages as read when you view them from any endpoint (web browser, tablet app, chrome/firefox extension, XMPP client)
          -JabberMode – creates a persistent connection to high speed servers, bypassing the Google communication infrastructure, allowing users to send and receive messages almost instant
          -Ability to search all old and current SMS messages for words/phrases
          -Ability to favorite messages
          -Contact templates, signatures, etc…
          -Web UI is lightweight and can be accessed from more devices

          These are just a few of the current features in prod/beta and there are a ton more coming, all specializing around sending & receiving SMS messages and making that entire process easier and more convenient.

          If you need to access messages and send them as a one off, Airdroid does a perfect job. If you need instant notifications and quick reply features, the Pushbullet integration does a perfect job. If you are seeking both the aforementioned capabilities PLUS a ton more all centered around sending and receiving SMS messages from anywhere, then the very specialized solution, EndlessJabber, fills that need at a more granular level.

          Airdroid is a wonderful app and it does an excellent job covering a huge array of needs. EndlessJabber targets a niche audience and can be seen as a complementary app to Airdroid & PushBullet that just takes it a step further and focuses on a specific need.

          • Zeon

            Well, the way you put it, it certainly makes sense. Gotta give it a try. Thanks for the explanation. ;)