July 8, 2010
T-Mobile road map

T-Mobile road map

According to a slide published on Android Spin we can expect five additional Android based devices for T-Mobile later this year. These are on top of the Motorola Charm and Samsung Vibrant.

From studying the slide it appears as though the Motorola Cliq and Cliq XT could receive an update this summer around August, but we currently have no official word on whether this is the case. Indeed, the Motorola Charm is only shipping with Android 2.1, so it too would be due an upgrade, possibly in September. Also around this time we can say hello to a HTC device code-named “Vanguard” along with two other Motorola devices. Unfortunately the names of these devices are difficult to decipher but it would appear as though an LG device is also in the works.

[via Android Spin]

James Tromans
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