Ematic’s new 7-inch budget tablet comes with Jelly Bean and costs just $79.99

by: Robert TriggsApril 5, 2013

Ematic Genesis Prime budget tablet

If you’re in the market for a budget tablet then you can’t get much cheaper than $79.99. Of course it’s always a compromise with cheap electronics, and often budget products are left without major features. But Ematic’s new Genesis Prime aims to change the perception that cheap means total rubbish.

The Genesis Prime comes with an unspecified 1.1Ghz processor with an independent 400MHz GPU, 512Mb RAM, 4Gb of built in storage, a microSD slot for adding up to 32GB of extra storage, and a 7-inch capacitive touch screen with a somewhat disappointing 800×480 display resolution. But you can’t have it all on a budget.

It also comes with plenty of additional features, a USB 2.0 port, 3.5 mm audio jack, built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, a front facing 0.3 Megapixel camera, and an extra 5Gb of free cloud storage courtesy of Pogoplug. On top of that the tablet will ship with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and is certified by Google, which means full Play Store and Google App integration as well.

It’s certainly not a Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire, but you can’t expect miracles for sub $100. But for basic web-browsing, reading books, social-networking, and watching videos you have an acceptable and cheaper alternative to the premium 7-inch products. The inclusion of Jelly Bean also makes this a decent choice compared with other budget tablets.

The Genesis Prime is already available for pre-order from Amazon and J&R, and will also be available at Walmart in the future. According to Ematic the tablet should start shipping “within a month”.


  • kascollet

    Are 512Mb enough to run Jelly Bean ?

    • Christopher Sass


  • James

    Probably going to be my 3 year old’s first tablet. He loves my Nexus 7, so why not?

  • dezmond

    i bought my tablet for ~50$ on a sale, has Allwinner A13 (i guess this ematic has also that soc), 512 ram, 8gb rom, 4.1 upgradeable. it’s laggy as hell (mostly at homescreen & browsing, but oddly fine for gaming and movies [even 1080p]) i dont recommend it now, the chinese dualcore tablets are around 100$, worth the extra charge

  • dogulas

    Is this running stock Android?


    man you people gotta stop buying these low budget tablets its a waste what the hell can you do wit 4gb and 512 of ram and a weak battery

  • User0

    You can get an Icoo D70Pro2 for the same amount of money and it has 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash, Dual core CPU 1,6Ghz, 1024×600 display … and a really crappy battery. It has no “certification” but it does have Google Play and all the Google Apps so I’m not sure what the certification will get you…

  • Matt

    I would

  • Matt

    I would buy this if it was a 4-inch screen “tablet” and has some basic 3g in there to do some Google Maps and Quick IM. I will still get 4-inch one even if it doesn’t have 3g,since I can use offline Google maps(but even that is frustrating), and used to take basic notes or wifi IMing.