Eldar Murtazin: Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S4 on March 14th in New York

by: ŠtefanFebruary 18, 2013

When it comes to rumors, I can count the number of people I trust on one hand. Eldar Murtazin, the Editor in Chief of Mobile-Review, is one of those people. He has this incredible ability to score prototype hardware before anyone else. How does he do it? That’s his secret.

According to two of his latest tweets, he says that Samsung is going to announce their 2013 flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, on March 14th in New York City. To give you an idea of why this is significant, let’s take a look at the calendar.

HTC is going to show off their 2013 beast phone, the HTC One, on the 19th. That’s tomorrow. It’s probably not going to hit store shelves until late March. Last year, when HTC announced the One X in February, it didn’t become available until after Samsung announced the GS3.

Do you know what prospective HTC One X owners did instead of waiting for HTC to deliver?

They bought a Galaxy.

Then there’s Mobile World Congress, which takes place next week. You’re going to see how much new hardware at that show that it’s going to make your head spin. Most of it will be forgotten. Especially considering that the 14th of March is just two weeks after the conference.

What does the rumor mill “know” about the GS4 thus far? Lots of stuff, but the basic idea is that it’s going to be Samsung’s 5 inch 1080p phone that’ll go head to head with the Xperia Z/ZL, HTC One, and the Note clone that LG likes to call the Optimus G Pro.

Here’s hoping that Samsung manages to stick a camera in their newest flagship that makes iPhone owners take a second look. It’s about time we saw something that blew people away.

  • Woho! Finally gonna make my decision :D

    I’ve been w8ing (and saving money) for this about 6 months.
    Sony vs HTC vs Samsung

    • Filip Justin

      I’ve been waiting for so long that I have gathered enough cash for two S4 devices.. However, I might blow much of that cash for a 64GB(possibly LTE) version..

  • pfff…. another rumors via uniqtekno.com

  • I was a die hard HTC fan, that’s until my last HTC phone, the Sensation XE. There was nothing Sensational about it, it was a frigging disaster! Now I got myself a Galaxy Note 2 and it’s the best phone I ever had! No way HTC can top them!

    • Uffe_Malmo

      Well they could for customers that want to use the phone to make phone calls. Nothe 2 is way way too big and so will probably Galaxy 4 be. Atleast the “One” will have a slightly smaller screen, if it was up to me it would be even smaller. Say what you want about IPhone, but they got the format just perfect if you spend alot of time each day actually holding the phone and talking.
      (Yes, I am aware that you can attach a headset to a 42″ plasma screen or whatever you use. But it’s not how I use my phone) :p

  • Bone

    Pixel sharpness is OK on the SIII, the dynamic range and color reproduction in low light are the two areas Sammy needs to improve. Needless to say, 13MP is a marketing tool at this point, and I’ll be happy if the new flagship can do HDR and relatively sharp photos after sunset, all at roughly 8 million effective pixels should be more than enough. I still think the iPhone 5 is the best all-around performer right now, but Samsung likes the Apple challenge so fingers crossed.

    • Filip Justin

      I don’t know but.. the colors are great on the Amoled and the contrast is awesome.. I really don’t see that much room for improvement(in terms of display) besides the resolution.. An A15 quad core beast of a SoC would be welcome, tough..

      • If you compare AMOLED which S3 has with other new phones, you’ll see how poor is the brightness and how colors come too strong.

        • jusephe

          Yeah that combination of low brightness and strong colors is often awful.

          Try to set the brightness on your monitor on lowest and contrast on the higest.

          Worst of all every generation of galaxy S has lower max. brightness then their predecessor. Why ? Bigger screen ! It consumes so much power, so brightness must be lower to balance power compustion, to accommodate more power hungry components like processor…

        • Filip Justin

          Meh.. I do agree that an iPhone 4S does have greater brightness but i often didn’t seem to realise that it’s a big issue on my Note 2.. Might be on the S3, but i am not sure as I didn’t really test it that much..

  • Roberto Tomás

    Shame all the movement right now is in phones. I don’t need a phone. A tablet would be nice.