Ebay imposes new stricter rules for Google Nexus 4 sellers

November 30, 2012
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If you’ve thought about or tried to buy a Nexus 4, you already know this is a challenge greater than surviving in the wild for a week Bear Grylls-style. Both Google’s Play Store and T-Mobile have had severe supply and demand issues that have led to the phone’s stocks getting wiped out hours after being put up for grabs several times.

Meanwhile, the more adventurous can try their luck on eBay, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get out alive and well after the violent battles with ruthless scammers. We’ve seen the 8 GB Nexus 4 go for as much as $600 on the popular auction website, while some “wise guys” were asking up to 1,000 bucks for the 16 GB model.

Those prices are double or higher what Google charges for the devices when in stock, but what can you do when you just have to buy one of these bad boys? Fortunately, at least some of those scams should come to an end soon, as eBay has announced a new set of rules for Nexus 4 sellers.

Authorized resellers will still have no restriction on the number of units they can make available, but starting with top-rated sellers there’ll only be so many Nexus 4 devices up for grabs. 8 units weekly can be sold by top-rated sellers, while sellers meeting minimum performance standards can have their way with only 4 phones each week.

Ebay members who’ve confirmed their personal info can only list 1 item per week, whereas finally sellers that don’t even bother to authenticate their info will be restricted from selling the Nexus 4 altogether.

Now I know what you think. This won’t solve the demand problem of the Nexus 4 and won’t eradicate scams from eBay either. And you are quite right. But at least it’s a step in the right direction, isn’t it?


  • AndroidBrian

    What’s scams are you talking about? This makes no sense to me. If someone is dumb enough to buy your listing at more than twice the price that doesn’t make you a scammer. Makes you smart. I don’t understands eBay’s issue with this is exactly.

    • Apple_Nexus

      Rip-off maybe, but not a scam.

      • AndroidBrian

        Its not a rip-off either. The buyers are choosing to purchase at the certain price point. Nobody is being tricked. Some people don’t want to wait. Its there chose if they want to throw there money away.

      • Evan Lavin

        Rip-off: A fraud or swindle, esp. something that is grossly overpriced
        Selling the Nexus 4 for twice its cost is, by definition, a rip-off.

    • Claes Nilsson

      The resellers mentioned are buying the phone with the sole purpose of monetizing. While no one is being tricked or scammed, it is still disgusting that you limit the availability of the phone to the common guy just to your own gains. It is a selfish act! I cannot believe that you think that reselling is “smart”. People has been doing this since forever and has nothing to do with being smart, it has to do with you being a big enough douche to pull this off. eBay may not have a legal issue with this, but people behind eBay have recognized the douches and acted. Just because something is legal does not make it right. The fact that you are defending these ignorant obnoxious bastards, says a whole lot about you.

      • AndroidBrian

        Are they Ignorant? No. Obnoxious, a little. This is america and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what there doing. If you can make some extra bucks for over selling a phone to a anxious buyer who cares. Google only sold five per customer.

        You need help. Were talking about cell phones not some much needed commodity . These people aren’t hurting anybody. Its a fucking cell phone. Is it a little annoying if you want one and you can’t get one? Sure. But acting like these people are scum of the earth because they saw a legal way to make a little extra money is hilarious.

        • Claes Nilsson

          I need help? I don’t even want to buy that phone. Also what is up with the “THIS IS AMERICA” thing, it is a little old, right? By the way, this is also the case in Europe. And yes, it is a really scumbag move and should not be patronized in any way. So much is wrong with that style of thinking.

          • AndroidBrian

            Lol. Blame the inpatient consumer. There’s some people who can’t say no to making this kind of money. If your flat broke are you going to say no to doing this because 4 people might have to wait a few weeks FOR A CELL PHONE.

          • Claes Nilsson

            If you have the capital to buy 8 phones then I hardly think you are flat broke.

          • AndroidBrian

            Yeah someone w/ a 3000 buck credit limit is obviously rich. How silly of me

      • AndroidBrian

        “disgusting that you limit the availability of the phone to the common guy” thanks that made me laugh. I love gadgets just as much as the next guy but you acting like a serious injustice is happening when in reality its a minor inconvenice at best is seriously pretty funny.

        • Claes Nilsson

          I don’t care if it is a gadget or any other item, it is still a major scumbag move and really displays how careless some people are about others. Someone just looks everywhere and see money. Even if that means stepping on other people. That is disgusting.

          • Hippowise

            Some people may find such activities unscrupulous, disgusting, selfish, but in the free markets of finance, it’s called “arbitrage”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbitrage. I agree that Google should limit the number of units sold per user, as it may be in their interest to do so (not to cause too many people to be disgruntled). However, to call those that are trying to resell the Nexus 4 for a profit disgusting is questionable. In a free market, prices are based on demand and supply. The prices are only so high because the demand is much greater than the supply. That’s the free market at work. No one is being forced to buy these phones. They are not selling milk, bread or oil, an essential good at an an inflated price. They are selling a gadget that some people are willing to pay a lot for. There is no oligopoly or monopoly. If you hate people that make a few hundred here and there on a few phones, you must really hate the arbitrageurs on Wallstreet that buy shares in one exchange to sell in another exchange at a higher price to make millions. Arbitrageurs can also buy convertible bonds to “arbitrage” the conversion of the bonds to shares and sell the shares for a profit. If you don’t believe in the free markets, then I understand why you’d find such activities disgusting, but if you do believe in the free markets, “arbitrage” is to be expected. I believe in the free markets, so I don’t find it disgusting at all. Some may even argue that “arbitrage” benefits society as it promotes an “efficient market”.

          • Claes Nilsson

            I am not sure how putting a term to an action makes the action any better. This is the same case as with tickets for any sports event, concert, etc. Resellers are not providing any service except to the rich. The money they are making does not help the society in any kind of way. You are not driving around a school bus, selling flowers locally or baking bread. I understand that you are supposed to make a living and resellers are not necessarily a bad thing. Reselling to other countries that cannot buy in the google play store for a modest fee is by no mean disgusting and speak for the free market, which I do believe in. But, taking advantage of people in never a nice thing to do, albeit legal and apparently condoled by a plethora of people.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jorellcordero Jorell Albino

        its a PHONE…a PHONE! I’m obsessed with Android as much as the next guy, but its a PHONE. This isn’t life insurance, this isn’t food that is in short supply, this isn’t blankets or pillows for homeless people…this is a PHONE. I have never met ANYONE who hasn’t tried to sell something for more than they paid for it. If you acted quickly enough to get the N4, and decided to turn around and make a profit off of it, then more power to you. And yes, its smart. Smart as hell actually. It is also a douche move, as you would call it, but seriously, its a phone. I feel like I have to repeat that frequently to get you to understand that this “injustice” you’re mentioning has about as much of a justification as someone who starts a fight for a TV on Black Friday. Its pointless, and honestly, its really just entertainment for the rest of us.

        • Claes Nilsson

          I think the thing that separates you and me is that I believe in that people should provide a service in order to make money. To you it does not matter if a service is provided or not, as is the case here, where guys profit without providing any kind of service.
          Any kind of brainless monkey can spam a buy button and putting something on eBay should not require excessive amounts of brain capacity either. What annoys the shit out of me is that you patronize these guys. So what if it is a phone? They still profit without providing ANY kind of service. This is not contributing to the society in any kind of way.

  • Apple_Nexus

    I don’t get why people are buying these from eBay. One of the biggest selling points of the Nexus 4 is its price, so what point is there in paying twice the retail price?

    • Joe

      Stupid rich kids that have too much money?

      • AsakuraZero

        or people like me who doesnt have access to usa Google store, btw who knows a service where i can buy the phone ?

        • Susie

          Use a proxy or VPN like HotSpot Shield and a package forwarding service.

          • AsakuraZero

            there is a problem, unless google lies, they only accept USA only cards, if not i should have used a proxy long time ago

  • masterdebater

    Was this eBay’s own initiative or Google talked to them? Well either way, good for eBay and for the consumers.

  • Nick Schiwy

    to those who don’t understand, this is to prevent people from listing nexus 4 devices that they don’t own/possess

    • Claes Nilsson

      I am not sure where exactly you read this.

      • Nick Schiwy

        It’s the only logical reason that they would do this. They’re only letting reputable sellers sell the device to prevent fraud

  • nahh?

    The problem is starting bid. They should have started fron 0 cos they obviously know it s gonna sky rocket more than the official price point. It s the point of auction. That would have been fair for everybody well based on the picture.

  • leoingle

    Not a scam if people are buying them on their own will. I just wish these idiots would refuse to pay those prices and force these douchebags to lower their prices. These buyers are being iphone fanboyish.