HTC is getting ready to launch a new smartphone by the end of the month, but first, it needs to move some unsold inventory.

You can get sizeable discounts on HTC’s recent smartphones, thanks to the “Easter sale” currently running on The promo includes HTC’s most recent flagship, the U Ultra, which only went on sale last month. The U Ultra can now be bought for $599, 20 percent cheaper than the normal price of $750. The fact that HTC is discounting its hero device so soon after launch suggests that customers haven’t really flocked to buy it. Perhaps sales will pick up at $600, which seems a more reasonable ask for what the U Ultra offers.

Here’s a breakdown of the available discounts:

If you purchase any of these phones, you get complimentary Uh-Oh protection, which gives you a free one-time replacement in case of accidents resulting in cracked screens or water damage.

Any takers?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Player Slayer

    $600 is what this phone SHOULD have been priced at, with Easter deals bringing the price lower. I refuse to buy a phone without a headphone jack, unless it’s on sale from a cheap price.

  • Goran

    Who need phone like U? In 2017? Even for 600. No 3.5, no htc phone. Wang and Chang are ruining once great company with phones like U and Bolt. But biggest disappointment is just around the corner and U will seal htc destiny.

    • Andrew

      Agree. Not waterproof and no headphone jack. The launch price will no doubt be astronomical. It’s like they’re trying their level best to run the company into the ground. When everyone else was improving their cameras, HTC was concentrating on sound. Now when waterproof phones are the rage, HTC is again giving the middle finger. Really giving meaning to betting on the wrong horse.

      • Goran

        As you said, htc concentrated on sound and it dominated…Than suddenly decided to give all that up for shinny glass while all others kept and improved their sound quality on 3.5. how wise is that? Or to make edge sense glass phone that will have more than average chance for drop bcs of all squeezing and moving in hand…

  • Ben Aviani-Bartram

    A9 should have been 200 bucks from the start. Seriously? 400 bucks usual price, with terrible cameras and battery. In the UK it’s worse. 430 pounds, 2gb ram and 16gb rom. I’d pay 100 pounds for that. That phone has budget specs for top of midrange price. #htcfail

    • Goran

      Yeah, A9 in Europe 16/2gb was biggest htc embarrassment of all times for asked price(600€). Wang is proven bad leader and can lead htc only in non existence.