Early Samsung Galaxy S7 sales exceed expectations

by: Robert TriggsMarch 21, 2016


The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been on sale in global markets for a little while now, giving analysts just enough time to make some early predictions about how they expect the handsets to perform. Their data suggests that the new smartphones have registered healthy sales across the globe so far, boosting hopes of a turnaround in Samsung’s mobile profits.

Market analysts and officials state that sales and pre-orders of the Galaxy S7 range have exceeded previous expectations in the key markets of China, Europe, and India. In Europe, sources are suggesting a 250 percent increase in combined pre-order sales since launch over the Galaxy S6.

In China, the world’s largest smart phone market that has recently started to show signs of saturation and stagnation, Samsung is facing increased competition from lower cost local rivals and had been hit by falling operating profits in the region.

While the Galaxy S7 may not propel Samsung to the top of the Chinese market, the company is currently ranked sixth with a 7.7 percent market share, a touted “double-digit” margin on the Galaxy S7 phones and strong sales are sure to boost the company’s income. Overall, the news is enough bring out a rare optimistic comment from Samsung mobile chief Ko Dong-jin.

“I’ve gained confidence to do well after checking responses from major retailers and holding meetings with carriers in China.” – Samsung’s Ko Dong-jin.

Interestingly, analysts are pinning the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge’s early success on the inclusion of seemingly more minor features. The reintroduction of the miroSD card slot and water resistance are apparently proving to be hot features, along with the 10 percent price tag cut on the handset in some regions.

Not forgetting that greater smartphone sales also turn into increased business for Samsung’s semiconductor and display divisions, reports about strong early sales of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are sure to be some much needed good news for Samsung’s mobile division.

  • AlexFirth91

    See, listening to the consumers wants pays off.

    • retrospooty

      It sure does. I have been very vocal against Samsung for the past several years. Always issues, always excess bloat, always things missing, but I bit and bought an S7 edge. This thing is even better in person than described. One hell of a nice phone.

      • Osakwe tochukwu

        Your right…its better in person than described

      • ConceptVBS

        This. Gotta go see one in person.

  • John T

    I would have taken the s7 edge if it was wider instead of regular s7, Looks too long for me and it’s like a tv remote control

    • retrospooty

      Wider? Its a standard 16×9 screen like all smartphones. The only difference is it has less side bezel, so you get a slimmer easier to handle device. This is a good thing not a bad thing.

  • Don Draper

    I’ve a GS6 that I like very much, but will only buy another Samsung if removable batteries come back

    • BritishGuy94

      Ain’t going to happen, get over it.

    • Anudan Limbu

      Most flagships these days don’t have removable batteries. This is gonna be common trend in the future as well. Get over it bro.

      • Dennis Furlan

        Unless LG’s modular design, which accommodates a removable battery, takes off. As far as I know, it’s the last major flagship to still have the feature.

        • Anudan Limbu

          Ya, manufacturers are moving towards having the premium look and feel while sacrificing the removability of batteries.

          • Dennis Furlan

            I personally don’t understand some people’s apparent obsession with removable batteries. I think most people want a smartphone with a battery life long enough so you don’t have to replace it. When that doesn’t happen, there are battery packs for temporary refills, and most manufacturers these days have programs to replace sealed batteries if you want a long-term overhaul.

            Now, the traditional drawback to replaceable batteries has been build quality, which the LG seems to address by having a sleek aluminum design. Yet, even so, no glass (for now) means no wireless charging, and modules (for now) mean no water resistance. So even LG’s “innovations” seem to create as many gaps as they fill.

          • retrospooty

            Exactly. I just charged my S7 Edge Friday night after work. It’s Monday morning, 60 something hours later and I still have 30% left. That is awesome, and if I did go on a trip where I would be away from the ability to conveniently plug it in for a few hours, I can get a wireless charging case and last for an extra few days on top of my already great battery life. Removable battery it totally un-necessary under any circumstance.

          • My Galaxy Prime

            I took mine off the charger at 2 am and at 12:24 pm, I’m at 19%. This is after playing games, streaming, and tethering my Mac to my S7

          • retrospooty

            Of course it depends on what you do… Games and streaming, with alot of screen on time will eat any battery up. Are you saying its good or bad based on your personal usage? Also, the S7 Edge gets better life than the S7.

          • My Galaxy Prime

            It’s amazing. Couldn’t do this on my S6 edge. I love the battery

          • retrospooty

            Nice… I love the battery too of course, but this screen is what really impresses. It’s so bright and vibrant it’s almost unreal.

          • Power banks people. Power banks.

          • Nicole B

            The point of a removable battery is to be able to easily cycle your phone if you have issues. If you have ever had issues with your phone and had to call in to the provider, 90% of issues can be fixed by removing your battery for 30 seconds and replacing it. I have had to do this with my S5 multiple times if it is acting up and it fixes it every time. I would rather do that than have to send it to be fixed or spend time calling my provider for a fix. I am glad they brought back the expandable memory though, could not believe they took that away for the S6…. one of many reasons I dislike iPhones.

          • Dennis Furlan

            I had an S3, with a removable battery, and I maybe removed the battery once, and the SD card a couple of times. Each time I did it, I hated having to rip open the phone to do it. I gave that phone to someone else I know, and it’s still running well on the same battery it came with.

            One of the great things about smartphones is that people personalize their experiences with them. So everyone has their own expectations regarding features, brands, etc.

          • I want a removable battery not to replace it during the day — who does that? I want a removable battery so that when my phone’s battery breaks I can easily replace it. Saves me the hassle of going to the repair shop or buying a new phone. The battery is the first component of your phone that will probably break down. If you’re not someone who likes buying a new phone every year, a removable battery is a god send for the longevity of your phone.

          • Dennis Furlan

            But I think it’s even more odd to want a removable battery for rare events that might not even occur.

    • retrospooty

      I guess there is an issue posting links here, but if you google “galaxy s7 wireless charging case” you will see that you dont need replaceable batteries.

      • Power Banks. Haven’t you people ever heard of power banks?

  • Pez Smith

    The S7 is my first ever Samsung phone. Don’t make me regret it Samsung!

    • Dennis Furlan

      Out of curiosity, what did you have before?

      • Amar Salim

        i am curiosity waiting to know lol

      • Pez Smith

        I had Nexus 4, Razr i, Sony Z1 & Z3, Honor 7 (current before S7).
        My son did buy a Galaxy S3.

        Oh before all those I had the iPhone 3G & 3GS.

        • Dennis Furlan

          Cool. I guess I was kind of hoping you’d say the iPhone. lol.

          • Dennis Furlan

            Oh, you did. Hmm.

          • coldspring22 .

            prehistoric iphone 3GS? who uses that any more?

          • Dennis Furlan

            I knew someone who was using it as a music player until it became to much of a hassle to keep switching phones. lol.

  • aero8

    I’m loving the “miroSD card slot”

  • jasonlowr

    Good for them. But doubt they will do well. I mean, the iphone se is coming out and the iSheeps will repost and share those stupid iphone videos on facebook and tweeter making even the Galaxy to be forgotten. This happens every fucking years. When the s6 came out, video of those fake-ass “cool” iphone tricks videos were shared everywhere in attempt to make the s6 forgotten. And with the iphone 7 coming out. It will be even worse.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      The hype only in US

      • retrospooty

        Per the article above, “Galaxy S7 range have exceeded previous expectations in the key markets of China, Europe, and India. In Europe, sources are suggesting a 250 percent increase in combined pre-order sales since launch over the Galaxy S6.” – Its early, but looking good.

      • coldspring22 .

        Preorder hit 10 million in China, which is pretty good. Especially compared to Apple iphone SE preorder. It’s head to head between Galaxy S7 and iphone SE, and so far Galaxy S7 is spanking iphone SE, despite being more expensive.

    • jugal surti

      yes..iphone sucks…!!!!that piece of shit is creepy…

  • Marty

    “Early Samsung Galaxy S7 sales exceed expectations”

    And in other headlines: “Galaxy S7 returns have exceeded all expectations.”

    “People are so vigorously returning their S7s that it’s creating a time loop and more S7s are being accounted for than were sold.”

    • ricardo brito

      Wookie wake up iPhone got kicked in the teeth so get over it buy a galaxy and leave your tiny iplanet

    • retrospooty

      Samsung has never had any major issues with returned products defective or otherwise. Excessive bloatware? Yes, useless Samsung apps? Yes, Poor build quality? Yes, they have had all of that in previous phones but what you are referring to is pure fantasy.

  • Say What??

    Well, when you screw up the previous model, everyone either buys another brand or holds out to see how the next model will be. Samsung actually did listen to the consumer this time around and a combination of these two is why their sales will be much better this year.

  • Matt Perkins

    Notice they didn’t mention the US. Sounds like the S7 is bombing in the US. But what I actually hate is the way Android flagship sales expectations are different than the iPhone. For instance the S7 is being praised for having 100,000 units sold in 2 days in Korea (which is their home turf). Could you imagine the backlash if the iPhone only sold 100,000 units in it’s first 2 days out in even Korea? It’s true that there are far fewer flagship Android users than iPhone users so the argument could be that they shouldn’t be compared but if you go by that you can’t including smartphones under $399 off contract when using global sales since there are no iPhones under $399. Granted removing the under $399 smartphones would also mean marketshare would favorite iOS if you did remove the $399 which is why Android companies and users are insistent in including all Android devices including ones in the price range the iPhone doesnt compete in.

    • casualsuede

      Well, Samsung does dozens of launches a year, across the globe. Apple has one for iPhone (now two), when it comes to mobile phone launches.

      If Apple failed on their launch, it would have a much bigger impact on their bottom line as they have one chance at success per year.

      As for the US, a friend who works at Samsung is saying that it has been going great, giving a free Gear VR probably helped. And before you say “of course a Samsung employee is saying that”, my friend is very negative of the Samsung culture, so he is not willing to “hide the truth”.

      • coldspring22 .

        Iphone launch is still just one in September. Iphone SE turned out to be head-fake launch. Apple went small again (after iwatch). Not much was expected from SE launch, and not much was delivered. It almost looks like Apple cobbled SE together from spare parts of iphone 5/5s and internals of iphone 6/6S. SE is an iphone only for the true die-hard Apple fans who must have everything ever made by Apple.