EA holds “Games for Guys” weekend sale for Father’s Day, up to 40% discount

by: Bams SadewoJune 16, 2012
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If you want to give your dad’s tie rack a break and not buy him yet another neutral color tie for Father’s Day this year – consider what EA Games is offering on Google Play – the “Games for Guys” sale. It sounds like the cool gift for the 21st century dads is the gift of apps.

Assuming your dad owns an Android device and likes to play a game or two on his spare time, the following games from EA come highly recommended. And because they’re being heavily discounted by up to 40%, it’s even more reason to get all of them.

The four games that are on sale are:

Out of the four, Dead Space may seem a wee bit too advanced for your old man, but the other three should be simple and challenging enough. If your dad doesn’t own an Android device yet, now it’s also the perfect time to get him one of these nice Android tablets. Of course, you can always use the occasion to buy the games for yourself…