Galaxy S4 camera beats the iPhone 5’s in DxOMark benchmark

by: Bogdan BeleMay 27, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 camera

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S4 has topped the iPhone 5’s in recent tests by the prestigious camera experts at DxO Labs.

Considered an industry standard, DxO’s benchmark suite DxOMark provides independent camera and lens image quality measurement and ratings.

DxO Labs has recently put the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera to the test, and, to its praise, the Korean flagship managed to surpass the iPhone 5 to grab the second position in the charts. The first position is still held by the Nokia 808 Pureview, which is basically a camera with smartphone features (as the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom will probably be).

Coming back to the Galaxy S4 camera test, the device won the battle against the iPhone 5 on quite a few fronts. For example, in the Autofocus test, it managed a score of 80, compared to 72 for the iPhone 5, with the reviewers noting the good photo detail preservation, auto-exposure even with problematic light settings, as well as rich colors. As for flaws, the Galaxy S4 camera was criticized for the loss of detail in low light and the ringing artifacts shown in some images.

DxOMark - Samsung Galaxy S4 overview

Master photographer

What’s even more impressive is that, when it comes to still image capture, the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera did even better than the Nokia 808 Pureview’s shooter in terms of Exposure and Contrast and Autofocus (85 and 80, compared to the the 808 Pureview’s 78 and 73).

As for video, the Galaxy S4 camera also did quite well, with colors and texture reproduction praised by DxO Labs (a score of 88 in Exposure and Contrast , compared to just 81 for the iPhone 5 camera). However, there was some criticism related to the aliasing and staircase effects, noise levels and focus conditions in low light, as well as video stabilization.

DxO Labs’ top 10 includes three more Android devices – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (third), Samsung Galaxy S3 (fifth), and Sony Xperia Z (tenth).

It will be interesting to see how the Ultrapixel camera of the HTC One will do in the test. Just to get an idea about the way it compares to the Samsung Galaxy S4, check out our extensive comparison of the two.

What is the best smartphone camera at the moment? Do you agree with the test results?

  • RarestName


    • Apple_Nexus

      How can they compare image quality using numbers? All the photos I’ve seen that were taken with the S4 didn’t look as good as photos taken on the iPhone 5.

      • steve blow jobs

        maybe u should have ur eyes checked

        • simpleas

          Hahaha good answer. These losers can’t accept a defeat lol. Own them Sammy!

    • Apple_Nexus

      How can they compare image quality using numbers? All the photos I’ve seen that were taken with the S4 didn’t look as good as photos taken on the iPhone 5.

  • kascollet

    Interresting marks considering the 3 last generation from Samsung & Apple :
    – iPhone 4 : 50 – Galaxy S2 : 57
    – iPhone 4S : 72 – GS3 : 72
    – iPhone 5 : 72 (no improvement ?) – GS4 : 75 (tiny improvement ?)

    Seems like the limit is approaching.

    • If the limit is 100, they have to keep a clear gap from phones to processional DSLR that go from 80 to 95.

  • Anna

    Wow, I always thought the iPhone camera was one of its fortes – most other stuff is better on the GS4 it seems!

    • kascollet

      This “comparison” is just a big ugly dumb piece of shit :-D
      Most of the arguments are either false, biased or ridiculous.
      I especially like the part about the computing power (Octa = 8X1,6 Ghz …) !

      • simpleas

        Cry more makes me happy

        • kascollet


  • Anthony Walker

    I just got the S4 a couple of days ago. Pictures taken in daylight are fantastic and low light performance is much better than the S3. I can’t comment on it being better than the iPhone because I haven’t used an iPhone in two years.

  • Anirudh

    No parameter on ‘no. of crashes’ and S4 wins ?
    When was the last time camera app crashed on a iphone ?

  • You mean the Note 2 is now 4th

  • I didnt know the camera on the Note 2 was better than the S3’s

  • jagg

    In real life and moving all the settings in the mobiles the 808 and the s4 have no comparison at all… in 8mpx mode captures more information than the s4 with 13mpx (because the s4 contrast a lot the pictures) and the colours aren´t real in the s4 (they are oversaturated). And in low light conditions the 808s optics (much bigger and glassbuilt), settings and sensor size allows to take better images and much more brighters.