Gameloft releases new Dungeon Hunter 4 teaser trailer

by: Andrew GrushMarch 29, 2013

Dungeon Hunter 4

Earlier this month, Gameloft started teasing us with the first juicy details about the next iteration of the Dungeon Hunter series. Now they’ve released a new teaser video for Dungeon Hunter 4 that includes actual gameplay footage. For those of you that lust after fancy graphics, you’re probably going to want to check this out.

Of course shiny new graphics aren’t enough to win us over, right? After all, Dungeon Hunter 3 annoyed quite a few fans of the series by moving to a freemium play model and basically transforming itself into nothing more than an arena-based brawler.

While the freemium model isn’t probably going to change, the good news is that the game is actually moving back to its roots and focusing on dungeon crawling, you know, the thing it is named after. For those that enjoyed the epic arena battles, those are there too, making this new title the best of both worlds.

Now that youve seen the impressive, albeit brief, teaser trailer, you might be wondering when this one is coming. Unfortunately, Gameloft is being coy with exact details about when we will see it hit the Play Store. It also isn’t known if the iOS version will arrive first or if they will release both versions on the same day.

Is this game for all action RPG fans? Honestly, it just depends on whether or not being a free-to-play game is dealbreaker to you or not.

Some of us hate the idea that publishers are forcing us to buy in-app content to make the most of a game and would rather just pay a lump sum at the beginning to enjoy the game to its fullest. If that sounds like you, Dungeon Hunter 4 probably won’t be your cup of tea.

What do you think, excited to get your hands on this one or not?

  • vampyren

    Really hate free-to-play games here. It’s sort of like gambling. Once you start you want to continue buying stuff since the company design the game in a way that its more enjoyable if you do.
    I just refuse to download such games. However I don’t mind paying for games.

    • It’s “more enjoyable” if you spend some in-game money, the point is there’s not way in hell you can advance in some point of the game if you don’t spend some bucks with this “free”-to-play games.