Duck Retro Hunt shoots its way into the Play Store

March 27, 2013
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duck retro huntRetro gaming is proving to be big on Android and there are a plethora of games which emphasize 8 bit graphics and retro game play. Here  is a new app that harkens back to the classic Nintendo Duck Hunt game.

The premise is simple… shoot the ducks! The original 80’s game used a¬†¬†light gun to shoot the ducks, but this implementation uses either the built-in gyroscope or the touch screen.

The controls do take some getting used to, the touch screen mode is quite difficult to master but not impossible. After a few games I was able to shoot the ducks consistently. However the better method is to use the gyroscope. At first I kept trying to tilt my phone (like in a racing game) to do the targeting, but actually you just need to move it. Playing it on a swivel chair is fun!!!

There is also an augmented reality mode which uses the back of a dollar (or a marker which can be downloaded from InfinityK’s website) to create a 3D representation of the hunting¬†ground¬†on any flat surface. It uses the gyroscope for control and you can get closer and further as well as swing around just by moving your phone.

I must say I have had little success with AR games in the past, but this one is an exception. The lock-on to the marker is quick and the AR adds to the fun. There are however a few little niggles. First the game tends to display a “calibrating screen” message in the middle of the game and this does seem to mess with the controls momentarily.¬†Second there are some permanent adverts in the game (but these can be removed by buying the PRO version which costs just over $1). Also the game isn’t supported on devices without a rear camera, so even if I wanted to play it in the simple mode on my Nexus 7, I can’t!

Why not download the free version and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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