Dual-SIM HTC E1 available to pre-order in China

by: Brad WardMarch 19, 2013

htc-e1The HTC E1, previously known as the HTC 603e, is a mid-range Android handset headed for the Chinese market. The device, as is usual for a lot of Chinese handsets, comes with dual-SIM support and will cost interested buyers 1,799 CNY or $290 in USD.

The HTC E1 has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board with an update to Android 4.2 later this year. The handset has Sense 4+, a 4.3-inch WVGA Super LCD2 display, dual-SIM capabilities, a dual-core Qualcomm CPU (clocked at 1.15GHz according to the official spec sheet), 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and a microSD slot. It also has a 5MP rear shooter, a 2.1MP front facing shooter and Beats Audio.

The new smartphone is currently available for pre-order on HTC China’s official website. At the time of this writing, only a white model is available and there’s no telling if it’ll come in black somewhere down the line. The HTC E1 is a device made for China, so we probably won’t see it coming to any other countries, especially if the Taiwanese based company is having issues with component shortages.

Are you planning on getting an HTC E1 or are you waiting for the HTC’s new flagship, the One, to arrive?

  • This is why HTC is falling behind. They keep wasting their resources to make low end devices that will barely sell and they wonder why they can’t release more than one flagships per year.

    • Jordan Awkward

      People don’t want multiple flag ships a year because it ages your device. Only Samsung should truly release multiple flagships because they have to different areas

    • crickcrick

      No, disagree the reason why HTC fail is because they overprice their devices, Look at the specs of the E1 what does it have to warrant the 290$ price tag? Specially in a market such as china where local brands can give you a phone with far better specs at the price point. Even brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony have taken into account the fact that value for money hardware is readily available and so they price their devices accordingly, but HTC oh no, no they still decide to overprice. HTC has become irrelevant at least in the Indian market, anybody who wants to buy a phone, thinks Apple, Samsung, Sony but HTC? nobody wants their devices.

  • *arlene

    I’ll like :)