Dual ecosystem phones coming soon from Jolla

by: nathanAugust 20, 2012
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This is a story about Jolla. It may sound like an infamous Linux distribution, but it’s not. It’s a little Helsinki (Nokia ground zero!) based startup and it reminds us a bit of Saygus. Jolla wants to use MeeGo, Nokia’s orphaned ecosystem and deliver the world an Android-friendly smartphone.

Here’s some juicy info on this company’s plans:

  • The device will run HTML5 apps in addition to Qt apps
  • It will also run Android apps in addition to its own native ‘house brand’ apps
  • Using Openmobile and Dalvik VM will provide app compatibility between MeeGo and Android environments
  • Screen real estate is going to be somewhere between 3.5 to 4″

The company is comprised mostly of ex-Nokia employees who believe the Meego OS deserves another shot in the market. I guess they weren’t paying attention the last few years. When Nokia switched over to Windows Phone and sold, but only managed to get 1 MeeGo phone out the door, it doesn’t say much in favor of Jolla’s eventual success. Then again, Jolla’s motto may be that MeeGo never got a fair chance from Nokia and was ditched too soon.

Most cross-platform customers who have used MeeGo appreciate the iOS-style interface. However, the development on MeeGo is lacking and therein, Jolla intends to pursue such work with passion. This is obviously a shot in the face of Nokia. Jolla executives and employees may believe in MeeGo, but the big question is, do customers believe in MeeGo with popular choices like Android and iOS staring at them on the shelves?


  • MasterMuffin

    I read this yesterday in the finnish news :) sounds pretty good…

  • davide

    Superficial, pointlessly skeptical article. Give those guys a chance, at least.

    Or educate yourself on how and why MeeGo got dumped by Nokia management.

    1. “iOS-style interface” is inaccurate at best. It is something quite different from both Android and iOS.

    2. Jolla does not mean to make big numbers. They aren’t going to need the second place on the market share in order to stay afloat.

    • observer

      re 1) That is why this is better then Android and iOS, Nokia management has got dumped MeeGo due to contract with Microsoft and Nokia’s addiction to Microsoft subventions – talking straight MS pays Nokia bills, what allow them to rule everything.
      re 2) Yes they are starting, so that would be strange to try to make to big numbers. But potentially MeeGo can be replacement for Symbian users, what can change this pretty soon!

  • N9 user

    There is a mistake: Jolla said that screen will be LARGER then 3.5″ but it was never to be limited to 4″ – that is not true. Some predict it will be about 4.2″ or 4.3″.

    And both users and developers from all over the World are interested in oncoming Jolla smartphone. Also note that undefined part of current MeeGo software will be compatible and directly runable with Jolla MeeGo OS.

    Jolla has declared to prepare better then Nokia N9 Swipe UI interface – and this is interesting…! At last for me.

  • Antaress

    NO, there is big mistake: Jolla said only that screen is going to be “larger then 3.5” after somebody in commonly known an article said it will be “3.5” – that was dementi, and here is the same bug. Correct it please.

    And it sems to be quite popular after MeeGo success with N9, even now.